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Consolidation and Final Contribution

Somehow, I worked out with Yeong to create this gathering at IOI mall – old flames of Honeywell support in XOM. I learned a lot from these great gurus -will never be able to return the favor. Hope they continue well with their lives and stay in touch.

me, Yeong, Man, and JC.

Then I sped to KLCC, parked at Traders, and met up with Eric & Khufrawy, helping them with any other handover stuff. Many were surprised to see me. Hey, I was there as an independent consultant. Everything will be up to Eric. By the way, thank you, Eric.

I returned to Sg. Merab and later had a drink with Nizam about project Venus. It’s an interesting project but it takes more than 2 engineers to execute it.

Dad has returned.


Short Notes for August 2

I was at the Honeywell office from 10 to noon. I took half a day on-leave. Dropped by Darul Izzah to pay my dues. Intan & I went to Maybank for a while to get her ATM card replaced.

Awesome dinner. For my wife. I wish she could take August 4th off… but she couldn’t.

From Cave to home

I actually received a shocker request and expectation in the morning. That’s OK. I am quite sure the management mis-communicated again. Or my ears failed me after 6 days offshore.

When the time came, I traveled back with the Honeywell rep in peace. Smooth sailing journey it was.

I returned home to my wife. Ooh, I miss her so much… hmm *truncated* heheh

Honeywell TDC3000 Logic Manager

Have you seen a Honeywell TDC3000’s Logic Manager before?

This is what it looks like:

I am posting this because such controllers are no longer in production. If you have one of these laying around somewhere in your plant (in service or not in service) – make an effort to keep it. For historical & antiquity purposes.

Induction at Impian Morib

The first day of graphics migration FAT. I couldn’t stay throughout since I had to send wife to Impian Morib for the Housemanship induction. The trip was basically heading south from where we live towards Dengkil and then Banting.

I stayed until after the first session, which was longer than contracted. What a bummer. But at least there is fantastic news – she’s been assigned to Putrajaya hospital. Excellent!

the tag: pun intended

Honeywell ICSS

It’s a sleepy day! I started the day with some computer-based training on data privacy. That was very enlightening.

In the afternoon, my time was mostly spent on listening to ICSS (Instrumentation Controls & Safety System) presentation by Honeywell.

From my experience, Honeywell system is robust and reliable. I prefer Honeywell over other automation system but the competition is intense, especially from Emerson’s DeltaV.

I wondered – what does it take to become a system consultant? More importantly, how much does it pay? :p

Honeywell IPC

Something’s gone awry!

While I was busy doing the actual planned work, something bad happened in Leaf. First I had a long telecon with that particular satellite platform. I also arranged Honeywell specialist to dial in.

Then they mobilized me on a late boat to Leaf. I could only return at 1AM. Slept at about 2AM.

Tough time. F Lima was a fast boat. But the bounce almost had me puked.

IPC needs an upgrade fast. It’s obsolete!

Lessons learned and Internal Testing

I was at the Honeywell office again to capture lessons learned from the site execution and initiate a preparation for metering validation. I come too often lately (due to the upgrade project), an employee there had asked me which department I was part of.

After that, we had a small feast during lunch to celebrate the success.


I easily pick latte for beverage.


On the way there, I caught a glimpse of the collapsed Jaya Section 14 supermarket at a distance.

Then I rushed to Tanjung Offshore CSI office again, for a final conclusion of the internal system testing. I had a quick chat with the Operations Lead, Fadzil, and Rahman, the CEO of Tanjung CSI. Things seem to shape up a little better for them. Good.


The result was slightly different than expectation but conclusive enough for a final proposal.

Interviewing a Country Sales Manager

I was at Honeywell office again for training check. Managed to have a quick drink with the Country Sales Manager, interviewing him what sort of values and character that he’d see great in a sales person.

The lessons learned session was outrageous. Somebody that doesn’t know the system insisted on feeding the correct words and situation to it. Ridiculous.

My sort of backup was back yesterday. Debriefed him.

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