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Short Notes for July 26

K.Ngah hitched a ride to Grand Millenium, Bukit Bintang. Intan was on call.

Thank you for the revamped room, more spacious. Thanks folks!


Muzani & Niza moved in and Trip to Northwest of Selangor

We helped Muzani and Niza moved in. The Mi Sedaap truck, Hakim & Joe also helped out; the truck guy (I never knew his name) seemed like a pro-mover.

Afterwards, we were in 1Utama for a while and Damansara to visit Farah & Dosh and their newborn boy. Cute little one! We chatted a little. Mostly about how to cope up with the local healthcare system. Not from the subscriber point of view… but the provider. Then we went straight to KS with Ibu and headed back not long after.

Home decoration at IKEA

After cleaning up the house a bit, we dropped by home to say good bye to mom, dad and my little brothers who were about to travel to KT.

After that, Ibu, KNgah, wife and I headed straight to Bandar Sri Damansara for an appointment with a wedding planner. Apparently KNgah is already surveying for the best package out there.

And then we roamed around IKEA, had dinner at Teh tarik place and shopped at Tesco.


The trip to IKEA really made me think about getting a nice, cozy place as a home. But really, it looked nice and cozy in IKEA because it was clean, color coordinated, and less crowded with stuff (less is more).

Fine… cleanliness is already fundamentals, and color coordination may require some imagination, but reducing your stuff is always the hardest ones to do – so where do those items go then? Donation? Junkyard? What if you need them one day? Wish Malaysia has some sort of garage sale culture going on. That’s an awesome way to rid some stuff and make quick bucks at the same time.

This vendor provided water supply connector never really mounts to the type of tap that we have.

So we had to modify the heads – nothing beats the good old rubber hose and its tightener ring.

Coconut fiber mattress, LG fridge and washer

Coconut fiber mattress is really something different. I still hurt my back upon waking up from sleep, but with much less pain.

On a different note, hey – the fridge and washer arrived! We couldn’t turn on the fridge right away because the whole circuit is filled up with gas after the logistics. At about 8, Intan & I went to Mydin to pick up some other household needs.

Moving to a new place

I was at Tan Choong’s Nissan service center for power windows check at noon before I spent some time at the nearby Honeywell office for March execution discussion.

The power window motor would’ve costed me RM1200. Fuuh.

Much later in the day, Intan & I completed our move to a new joint. A new establishment.

Still plenty of stuff not sorted out! Urgh…

Muzani helped with additional locks installation. Kngah, Munief, and Fiefah were there too – apparently they just tagged along to see the new place that their Ayoh Chik and Ummi Chik are moving into.

Pulled muscle

It was a very painful day. I pulled a back muscle while carrying a box full of books. It’s probably a combination but I think it was more due to not warming up instead of incorrect posture.

Muzani helped with installation of additional locks. Thanks, brother.

Another Sunday passed by.

Family buffet at Equatorial Bangi

The 1st wave of furniture arrived. It was in a bit of a rush because we were scheduled for a buffet lunch immediately after.

Finally, the time came for the entire family to be at the Equatorial hotel, Bangi for a buffet. It’s on KNgah. She was recently promoted so she’d like to give us a treat.

Beautiful weather. Sun was shining hot.

Before the meal.

So how should we be seated? Free flow?

Achik and Cik Ya.

Fiefah liked her soup.

Muzani and Niza was in control. Muzani… sometimes not. Heheh.

Adik was too full. Unhooked the pants.

Hmm… slurpy!

Munief: why so seriousssahh!

All 19 of us! Except me holding the camera.

Makang budok!!! Ahaha.

I couldn’t control myself. The chocolate fondue…

Yours truly and wife Intan.

Fiefah enjoying her dessert.

Abg Long, KakLong and Siti Alimah.

After meal.

Family gathering – Equatorial Hotel, Bangi. February 20th, 2010.

Much later, we had the 2nd wave of furniture from another store. Everybody decided to be there with us. Yeah. New place.

At night, we all watched Sahara, a movie with no sense of realism whatsoever. The hero didn’t even get a scratch. The ratio of bullets-to-hit is way bigger than even Rambo.

Coordination work plateaus

I was mostly coordinating at work. Nothing interesting. I think I’ve reached a curve on which I need to be exposed to different things to move on to the next level.

Like if you’ve been in Pediatrics for 6 months and not specializing – you must wonder what it would be like in O&G. Or GP. And so on.

Throughout the day, my Intan wiped our new place clean. Excellent effort and result. Isteri yang solehah.

Keys to new place

Mama hitched our ride back to KL. The trunk was filled up with peripherals used for the engagement to be used in Amal’s birthday celebration. And some items to furnish our new place.

I crashed on the bed as soon as we reached home. Late in the afternoon, we received the keys to our new place.

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