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Maxis broadband malfunctions

Maxis broadband is hell today. I am a customer and I have a say.


The IP is there. There is a connection. The modem is transmitting out, requesting data.

But there is just no data coming in.

I hope they will improve tomorrow.


MacBook Pro HSDPA connection to Maxis

Personal note: Haywire. Losing control over what I thought I could influence. But nevertheless, I learned a great deal about the game play. A strategist has higher chances of success than a technical guru here.


Is it just me or it’s only recently that Maxis has stepped up the game in portable broadband services. I have been subscribing to the Unlimited Data plan for a while now but I never realized that the speed could be so high for a normal use. I initially geared it up for portable use but now ended up using it as a static internet too.


The Motorola “RAZR2” V9 is not only a great phone, it is an amazing modem. This phone connects me to the ISP GSM network on HSDPA (High-Speed Download Packet Access) connection at rated 3.6Mbps.

  1. I first activated the Unlimited data in February 2009. Recorded by this entry: Honeywell control system.
  2. My first entry on the connectivity: Maxis 3G connection.
  3. This was how it was connected during Leopard (now different in Snow Leopard): Troubleshooting internet connection.


The connection shown by here is 2.07Mbps, 4 times faster than the Streamyx of 0.5Mbps (in the wee hours, this figure could reach up to 0.7Mbps).

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