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Adios and Goodbye – The End of Blogging

That’s it. Thank you for visiting all this while, I truly appreciate your support. It’s been great to meet new people and stay in touch with friends. Somehow I am just naive & that my writings don’t do justice. Perhaps my digital passion is causing more harm than good. So it’s time for me to move on and catch up with other things.

I wish you all the best in whatever you do in life. I apologize for any unjust and unfair remarks I made that hurt anyone throughout the life of this blog. I am very sorry. Time to go now. I’m sure the world will do fine with less me in it.

P/S: signing off somewhat inspired by a friend I’ve never met: BigMacky. Even if I come back, it would be in the form of  Vowe but highly unlikely. And I will not talk about my life and my family anymore.

Blogging ends with this line.


Blackberry Bold 9700 offer by DIGI

I was supposed to pack everything and complete the moving today! But this Blackberry Bold 9700 deal was very distracting. I couldn’t ignore it.

Intan and I were in MidValley Megamall for the BBB (BlackBerry Bold) deal. It was a mad house! Plenty of people were signing up for the deal.

After sending my wedding ring for an adjustment in size, due to the nature of my finger (uh-oh!), we checked out Bose speakers at Atlas over in the Gardens. Beautiful sound! Bose manufactures the best speakers on earth. I managed to obtain its catalogue too.

You must be scratching your heads right now… why Blackberry, Zidni… why? I thought you’re all for an iPhone!!!

I’ll explain why later. : )

Apple introduces iPad

Earlier today, Apple introduces a new product line called iPad.

Apple’s answer to tablet or “slate” form of device.

Looks like it fits in the hands well.

Will it steal some market share of the netbooks? Kindle maybe. In my opinion: iPad has to be more computer like than it is iPod Touch/iPhone like in order to be successful.

Time will tell.

Maxis broadband gets 230KB/sec

Maxis broadband surprises me sometimes.

Normally, it’s a struggle just to get 50KB/s.

Google Wave invitation

I have 7 invitations left. First come first serve.

Blogging level

Back to where it was. Sigh.

Well, it felt great when many visited and commented. Thanks. I only have a couple more days anyway. I’ll be leaving for Melbourne soon…

P1 and Streamyx slugfest


It’s interesting to observe thatP1 WiMAX is trying to chip away at the big band of internet users from TMNet’s Streamyx installed-base. The key word used in variety of ads is “potong” or cut. Basically: cut the telephone line together with the Streamyx connection.

What’s probably not that obvious is that the PacketOne team is also taking a swipe at the:

MYR26.00 that you pay TM regardless whether or not you actually use the phone line. Many folks are running around with mobile phone now, either with prepaid or postpaid.


TMNet is responding with such agonizing picture of getting the coverage of wireless versus hard-wire above. And with ads that mentioned something like “potong apa? potong kepala lu la…” (roughly translated to: cut what? cut your own head lahh) – which is sort of a reference to P1’s “cekik-darah” or bloodsucking package price.

TMNet’s got a point. They seem to claim to offer the most bang for the buck. (Do they actually?) P1 needs to wrestle these 2 barriers:

  1. Infrastructure. (Streamyx users simply spring up from those who already use telephone lines)
  2. Monthly price.

Streamyx package price

I was browsing through TMNet website on what else can Streamyx offer:


Whoever takes the RM188 for 2Mbps download speed is an idiot.

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