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Second Day on Duty

Second day at work. Grappling in the dark a little bit after the first few meetings. First SIL (safety integrity levels) and then some Exaquantum (Yokogawa) stuff. Interesting.

Yokogawa is Japanese-based automation company.

Towards day end, I followed my boss to check out the fitness center facilities (TTFC) at the base of Suria. It was awesome. The company sponsored 15 employees to use the facilities at any one time.

Returning from work, I joined Alya & Adik at Alamanda. She was shopping for some coleslaw experiment and stuff and we had a quick KFC dinner afterwards. Returned to Sg. Merab since Intan was on-call.


Short Notes for July 27

K.Ngah hitched my ride to the city again. This time I had lunch with Stig and Torsten. Afterwards, I accidentally ordered and drank Green Tea. Diuretic! Always feel like peeing although there’s no more urine left.

On the way back, we bought KFC dinner for everybody.

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