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From One App to Another

Recently Apple initiated online software distribution – treating software like applications or “Apps” that you can download and install on your Mac OS X.

My first App installation, a Twitter Client App, was flawless. A snap!

Software “physical” packagers would now have to find some other jobs.


Apple MacBook Pro update

Apple updated the MacBook Pro laptops again. Ahhh….

With new line of processors some more…

Why Apple… why??

The Long Wait and Pixelmator

After another set of SAT, I spent time at mom’s. My wife returned from work late. I have to get used to this 10 to midnight wait for her.


I tried Pixelmator application today. The software is pretty awesome! It launches 10 times faster than Adobe Photoshop.

A perfect graphics editing software for Mac OS X users.

Even dead wood became a place for beautiful flowers to spring up. I should take a lesson from this.

OmmWriter processing software

I downloaded and tried the OmmWriter processing software. If you’re having a problem concentrating while writing – here is the solution.

Block out other things.

Go ahead and try it.

Home cooked lunch

I started off a bit later than usual. For some reason, I couldn’t configure my wife’s MacBook Image Capture to utilize the Canon MP140 that it recognized as a scanner. Strange. She just wanted to scan some documents. In the end, I let her use the host PC instead.

I remember setting up up my MBP painlessly last time. I can hook it up to the MP140 and scan using Image Capture at almost no effort. Strange. I’m going to find out what I did wrong this time. Sheesh.

I had lunch in my own office. Why?

My wife prepared it for me. Thanks, dear!

PowerBook G4 display


My extremely reliable Titanium PowerBook G4‘s screen is beginning to flicker. The 6.5-year old veteran is still very much a major component in my digital life. Hold on, buddy. Don’t die on me yet.

6.5 laptop years = 65 human years ?

An Inconvenient Truth


I just watched An Inconvenient Truth. The documentary seemed very credible. Regardless of any dispute with its technicality (if you have any), I think what Al Gore brings is pretty decent. Essentially, the core principle for an everyday reminder is – do no waste or live wastefully. Resources are scarce. This is the #1 rule in Economics.

I like the format in which the documentary is presented:

First the convincing of
1) Is it worth it? Yes. The biggest stakeholders are your children and your children’s children, and so on.
2) Do you have what it takes? Yes. These are the things we already know… efficiency, green technology, alternative energy, etc.

Any NO answer to the above renders the whole behavior-changing journey useless. And the biggest style of all was – “Here are my proofs and evidence – I invite you to prove me wrong.”

Needless to say, Al Gore spends too much time on his Mac too. LOL.

Links to the argument and the counter-argument:

Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Upon completing automatic (by Time Machine) and manual backup (by files transfer to Passport external drive), I upgraded my MacBook Pro operating system from Leopard (10.5) to Snow Leopard (10.6)


All survived the clean install (erase & install) upgrade:

  1. apps
  3. music
  4. photos
  5. e-mail

Only mailboxes screwed up a little. All play counts in iTunes are reset to nil and the ratings have gone too. Otherwise, everything else is fluid!

Troubleshooting Internet connection

I had been troubleshooting the Streamyx connection all day, bypassing every equipment along the line of communication and resetting stuff. I reached a point where I connected the phone directly to the laptop, attempting to dial via PPPoE (Point-to-Point over Ethernet) connection but still nowhere near a good connection.

At that point, I concluded that the issue would be somewhere between the phone line going to the ISP. I should notify TM Net and hopefully they’ll do something about it.

In the mean time, I have improved 3G/HSDPA broadband reliability by connecting the RAZR2 V9 directly to the laptop via USB cable instead of bluetooth. That was as simple as pie. Again, no driver installation required and it was an absolute plug-and-play. Mac OS X is the best OS on earth.

1. On RAZR2 V9, go to Settings > Connection > USB Settings > Select Data Connection (vs Memory card or USB printing)
2. Connect RAZR2 V9 to your Mac via USB cable provided.
3. Launch System Preferences > Network > Click the button “+” on bottom left.
4. Pull Interface menu down and select Motorola Phone (MOTORAZRV9). Leave the Service Name as “Motorola Phone (MOTORAZRV9) or type up the ones you like, i.e. “3G Mobile” or “V9 Internet”. Click Create.

5. Click Advanced button on bottom right. Select “Motorola” for Vendor and “GPRS (GSM/3G)” for Model. Leave APN empty and CID as 1. Click OK.

6. Click connect and enjoy your mobile broadband internet!

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