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Kindergarten Kids Now Play MacBook Pro

The standard for Kindergarten kids has officially gone up. No more iPods or PSPs or Nintendos – the Apple MacBook Pro era has arrived.

I used to play bottle caps at that age. Time’s a changin’.


New MacBook Pro for Dad

Yeap, I was finally able to help dad go through the transition. His previous Windows machine ran into some virus-worms issue that couldn’t be cleared even after several wipeouts.

Happily switched. OK, that’s not a face of stress, but concentration. Hehe.

I know, some translation required, but Mac OS X is so much more superior and easier to use. Stable & secure.

I recommend Macintosh & Mac OS X all the time. Since 2002.

First impression on Blackberry Bold

Finally, my Blackberry Bold is loaded with BIS (Blackberry Internet Service). It’s not as charming as I thought it would be. But being able to run more features is not bad at all.

Simple usability check:

  1. Capital button and alternate keys will always be interchangeably mistaken for one another.
  2. The delete button doesn’t progressively accelerate as you hit and hold it.
  3. The ‘H’ button is not as responsive. Maybe this is specific to my Blackberry only (manufacturing).
  4. I can count the number of useful Blackberry apps on my fingers vs 140,000 apps for iPhone.
  5. The user toggle up or down button on the right side of the phone is not functional outside the related app – small scope. In iPhone, that will modify the volume regardless of the app you’re running.
  6. The sync sucks. Although I’m using the Blackberry Desktop Manager – the simplest of unchecking synchronize music checkbox did not remove the music that I previously synced into the Blackberry.
  7. Browser experience is definitely not as good as the iPhone’s.
  8. Scrolling from top to bottom for a long document / website is not natural. No page up or down function. Scrolling up or down the page using trackpad is as if you only have the up or down cursor on the keyboard – that’s bad.
  9. Selecting is ridiculous. Hit capitalize button to start – and hit Blackberry menu button, select Cancel Selection to cancel: That’s a lot work!

Steve Jobs was, and still is right. Small button on a small phone is not very appealing. Huge touchscreen surface with natural stylus and endless apps? Now that’s a game changer.

Nevertheless, I got this Blackberry for a few reasons and they’re justified:

  1. To test what Blackberry fuss is all about. RIM still holds the lead in smartphone market. It’s most likely because companies provide such phone for employees to run business, get notifications and emails. And not listen to music, watch movies or play games all day (iPhone).
  2. To test whether Digi owns up to their claim of likely average speed of 700kbps and that broadband is about consistency.
  3. To test the shock in everybody’s face to discover that I’m using Blackberry – since I’m such a Mac/Apple pro (pun intended)
  4. To throw away those who showed off the company’s Blackberry in front of me. I know la you have some position in the company. Trying to make it more obvious by scrolling Blackberry in front of me? I’m not impressed at all.

Syncing looks decent upfront.

Then it starts to feel ridiculous. I never have conflicting information when my iPhone syncs. Synchronizing is supposed to be a smartly coordinated event – not keep asking the user what to do every time it detects a glitch.

And the best part of all – download Blackberry App World first – to enjoy the rest of the apps.

In summary, Blackberry is a business machine. Full stop. iPhone and Android will continue to fly as the more complete (and yet flexible) smartphone solutions.

Home cooked lunch

I started off a bit later than usual. For some reason, I couldn’t configure my wife’s MacBook Image Capture to utilize the Canon MP140 that it recognized as a scanner. Strange. She just wanted to scan some documents. In the end, I let her use the host PC instead.

I remember setting up up my MBP painlessly last time. I can hook it up to the MP140 and scan using Image Capture at almost no effort. Strange. I’m going to find out what I did wrong this time. Sheesh.

I had lunch in my own office. Why?

My wife prepared it for me. Thanks, dear!

MacBook Pro battery repair

I am taking a one-day off. Still feeling slightly sore from moving the other day.

I decided to settle the battery issue later in the afternoon. The trip to Low Yat was horrible. There was traffic jam all around. To make it even worse, the traffic officers blocked the entrance to Sungei Wang/ Imbi area twice! I was unfortunately misdirected to other roads and I finally went to Machines KLCC instead.

Lucky for me, Azairin walked in while I was deciding what to do next knowing that the store did not have battery in stock. He checked the health of the battery and upgraded the RAM for me. I was advised to check in just the battery, so that I could continue to use the MBP while having the battery formally assessed for replacement.

Cool. MacBook Pro 2.0.

But the traffic officers were not cool. I waited in line patiently, only to be turned away to other roads. Not fair.

MacBook Pro 15.4″ battery replacement

I worked hard to clear things before taking a day break tomorrow. Had a discussion with CCL and Sedia Teguh with regards to the recent failure investigation.

My MacBook Pro battery seemed to indicate failure and it is recommending a replacement.

Challenged by power again.

MacBook Pro HSDPA connection to Maxis

Personal note: Haywire. Losing control over what I thought I could influence. But nevertheless, I learned a great deal about the game play. A strategist has higher chances of success than a technical guru here.


Is it just me or it’s only recently that Maxis has stepped up the game in portable broadband services. I have been subscribing to the Unlimited Data plan for a while now but I never realized that the speed could be so high for a normal use. I initially geared it up for portable use but now ended up using it as a static internet too.


The Motorola “RAZR2” V9 is not only a great phone, it is an amazing modem. This phone connects me to the ISP GSM network on HSDPA (High-Speed Download Packet Access) connection at rated 3.6Mbps.

  1. I first activated the Unlimited data in February 2009. Recorded by this entry: Honeywell control system.
  2. My first entry on the connectivity: Maxis 3G connection.
  3. This was how it was connected during Leopard (now different in Snow Leopard): Troubleshooting internet connection.


The connection shown by here is 2.07Mbps, 4 times faster than the Streamyx of 0.5Mbps (in the wee hours, this figure could reach up to 0.7Mbps).

Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Upon completing automatic (by Time Machine) and manual backup (by files transfer to Passport external drive), I upgraded my MacBook Pro operating system from Leopard (10.5) to Snow Leopard (10.6)


All survived the clean install (erase & install) upgrade:

  1. apps
  3. music
  4. photos
  5. e-mail

Only mailboxes screwed up a little. All play counts in iTunes are reset to nil and the ratings have gone too. Otherwise, everything else is fluid!

Leopard remote access

I tried remote accessing my PowerBook using the MacBook Pro:


The screen is not as fluid on the MacBook Pro but I saw the screen on the PowerBook moves on-demand as if I was operating from a KVM extension instead. Well, without the V. KM.

Then, I remotely view my own MacBook Pro from that PowerBook. I view something that views myself. Sounds familiar? The result is this:


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