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MacBook Pro HSDPA connection to Maxis

Personal note: Haywire. Losing control over what I thought I could influence. But nevertheless, I learned a great deal about the game play. A strategist has higher chances of success than a technical guru here.


Is it just me or it’s only recently that Maxis has stepped up the game in portable broadband services. I have been subscribing to the Unlimited Data plan for a while now but I never realized that the speed could be so high for a normal use. I initially geared it up for portable use but now ended up using it as a static internet too.


The Motorola “RAZR2” V9 is not only a great phone, it is an amazing modem. This phone connects me to the ISP GSM network on HSDPA (High-Speed Download Packet Access) connection at rated 3.6Mbps.

  1. I first activated the Unlimited data in February 2009. Recorded by this entry: Honeywell control system.
  2. My first entry on the connectivity: Maxis 3G connection.
  3. This was how it was connected during Leopard (now different in Snow Leopard): Troubleshooting internet connection.


The connection shown by here is 2.07Mbps, 4 times faster than the Streamyx of 0.5Mbps (in the wee hours, this figure could reach up to 0.7Mbps).


Troubleshooting Internet connection

I had been troubleshooting the Streamyx connection all day, bypassing every equipment along the line of communication and resetting stuff. I reached a point where I connected the phone directly to the laptop, attempting to dial via PPPoE (Point-to-Point over Ethernet) connection but still nowhere near a good connection.

At that point, I concluded that the issue would be somewhere between the phone line going to the ISP. I should notify TM Net and hopefully they’ll do something about it.

In the mean time, I have improved 3G/HSDPA broadband reliability by connecting the RAZR2 V9 directly to the laptop via USB cable instead of bluetooth. That was as simple as pie. Again, no driver installation required and it was an absolute plug-and-play. Mac OS X is the best OS on earth.

1. On RAZR2 V9, go to Settings > Connection > USB Settings > Select Data Connection (vs Memory card or USB printing)
2. Connect RAZR2 V9 to your Mac via USB cable provided.
3. Launch System Preferences > Network > Click the button “+” on bottom left.
4. Pull Interface menu down and select Motorola Phone (MOTORAZRV9). Leave the Service Name as “Motorola Phone (MOTORAZRV9) or type up the ones you like, i.e. “3G Mobile” or “V9 Internet”. Click Create.

5. Click Advanced button on bottom right. Select “Motorola” for Vendor and “GPRS (GSM/3G)” for Model. Leave APN empty and CID as 1. Click OK.

6. Click connect and enjoy your mobile broadband internet!

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