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Another Sunday

Intan had gone to work. She’s still at work.

I was mostly updating blogs.

I went to mom’s and we watched the Book of Eli before sending CB to KMS.


Stunt master

After a whole morning of laundry, Intan & I stayed at mom’s until late. I tried to help with hanging up the clothes to dry but they were immediately corrected by my perfecting wife. Hehe. But at least now I know the technique of hanging different garments. Well, yeah, it’s not like I was properly exposed to this earlier. It was all survival methods so far.

At mom’s we watched the Armour of God, an old action movie by Jackie Chan.

In this particular film, Jackie Chan was seriously injured. During a scene where Jackie jumped from a wall to the top of a tree, the tree branch snapped and he fell to the ground.

Jackie’s one of the few film stars that performs his own stunts. Salute.

Sherlock Holmes

Intan & I decided on impulse to watch Sherlock Holmes at Alamanda Putrajaya. We had Rasamas dinner again. It was awesome. Long date. Hehe.

Percik. Yum yum.


I don’t think Robert Downey Jr. was the most suitable actor to play Holmes but he managed to be eccentric very well.

The movie was good overall. It’s better than Avatar in terms of exercising your brain but lacks the flow in story-telling. Even though the point of the movie was to keep the audience guessing by the unusual flow and the sudden beginning of the movie, I think there could be a better way to present it. Intro, body, conclusion – the body can be complex but the frames should be simple.

Dating in Alamanda

Wife & I spent some time in Alamanda. We were in Parkson for a while, had Tepanyaki lunch, watched Avatar, and tried the Rasamas chain from KFC holdings.

Not bad. The meal for 2 was like Nasi Ayam but served differently. The roasted chickens were nice. Too bad we forgot to snap a picture of the dish.

And by the way, Avatar was good. Excellent movie, I think. I rate it 7 or 8 out of 10. Amazing depiction of indigenous 12-foot blue peoples of the Na’vis.

The other blue clans are celebrating.

Casino Royale


I still can’t get over hating this movie.

I hate it.

I hate it.

I hate it.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s one of the most successful Bond’s breakthrough and all, I highly appraise the storyline, cinematography, and so on.

But I just personally hate the guts. The guts in the movie.

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