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January 2011 Under Way

Monday 3
I interviewed one of the prospective colleagues to test the work & life balance – nearer to the source the better. Checked out 5D MarkII and tested out the new 60D at the Canon shop.

Tuesday 4
Reviewed the charter with subsurface advisor. This charter is taking a toll. More discussion on shortfall – less than productive. I called up prospective hiring supervisor to ask for some update. Received the surprising news – but shouldn’t get too excited. Anything can happen. Heavy downpour. I purchased a 500GB Seagate as my Time Machine.

Wednesday 5
More charter review. *Rolled eyes*. I met up some business contacts about startups: they couldn’t disclose the inner workings at coffee shop – because otherwise it’s only as far as a coffee business. What the… ? You can talk about Nike wear in less than 5 minutes at a Mamak stall somewhere and not making it a Chicken brand.

Thursday 6
Heavy downpour again. Was scouting around looking for commissioner of oath. On the way back, I showed a couple of tourists the path to get to Suria KLCC quickly. Felt good about that. Worked very hard on getting the Expenditure Account setup back & forth with accounting/analyst.

Friday 7
First meeting at new department. It was both warm & cold at the same time. Purchased replacement iron at Best Denki. Attended Azni’s wedding ceremony.

Saturday 8
Sent dad to Cheras. Taman Botani visit. Nandos dinner.

Sunday 9
Aliya came over with Layth and spent the night here in Putrajaya.


Nike Mercurial for fitness restoration

I just purchased a pair of Mercurial boots to initiate my fitness restoration. In fact, it’s a 10-year-long dream that I finally fulfilled.

When I was about 16 or 17… I dreamt of getting a R9 boots to play football. I was never inducted into any football teams but I simply love the game that I play it anyway. But I didn’t have enough means then to grab a pair.

R9 shoes reminded me of the passion in high school.

It’s just wonderful to do what you love, even if you don’t gain any fame or fortune out of it. : -)

On a side note, I wish it wasn’t Nike (because of the price tag and a few other reasons), but my feet are simply too wide for other brands. Adidas is normally for longer feet. Puma, Reebok and the likes are not as comfortable. In the end, I have to buy a clothe that fits.

Rocket Science


Sometimes you just feel like telling that to the management, don’t you.

“Actually, it is rocket science, sir.”

Especially after many, many hours of summarizing together a technical package. Or when “it’s not rocket science” phrase was over-used to tone down the technical challenge from conceptual point of view.

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