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Short Notes for August 6

I had a personal discussion with the boss. Had to explain my side of the story on why I was evaluated in a certain way last year. Phew. Work is just a rubber ball. Just a rubber ball.

Uncle Loh spent a night here to start early tomorrow for his son’s UKM commencement.

Follow up from office and property verification

In the morning… wife & I went to office until noon about the Leaf emergency. I quickly handed over the reign to weekend duty engineer and headed over to Rasamas for lunch. We rushed a bit to also settle the fridge and stuff.

In the afternoon, the financier came and verified the property.

All is well and good so far.

Later at night, Intan & I picked up Mimi at Shah Alam and traveled to KS for an important event on Monday.

February is flying fast. Every week is a short week.

Head of Instrument & Controls

I first heard of the news that one of my friends, a former colleague, is now a head of I&C engineering group in his company. That’s awesome. Congrats, my friend!

I managed to catch some operators and had lunch with them. The informal session really got us talking about some stuff under the line. If you know what I mean.

All I know about instrument is this QuickPod is a great instrument to bring if you travel in pairs.

One Day prior to Eidul Adha

Thursday was a one-day stint to complete plenty of things before I disappear for about a week and a half. Lines at the banks were incredibly long. I resolved to quick withdrawal and verified the availability of one particular TT service online instead.

Good thing I was fasting. It was timed correctly with the whole department’s strategy to order barrels and barrels of KFC chicken as a big feast prior to Eidul Adha. I had to politely decline 3 people barging into my office for that invitation.

A sluggish Monday


A little bit exhausted from yesterday. Sore muscles. I couldn’t really concentrate much. Instead of working on something that required focus, I went about interacting and aligning myself with others. Obviously people are more interesting than machines or figures.

And it just so happened that a few had dropped by my office to juggle their thoughts and ask for opinions anyway. I am not an advisor, actually. So I was giving opinions rather than advice. I’ll see in several days if those opinions would turn out as advice or not.

Global Best Practice interview

I was interviewed by the global best practice team. Apparently the project department had appointed me to represent the technical support team in showcasing the extent of project implementation management. I think I gave them an OK impression. Received some minor comments though. Nobody is perfect, right.

I can’t believe I’m sitting in again for a colleague. Shucks.

In the evening, just when I was about to finish my second helping, dad went, “So who’s gonna join for dinner outside?” Oops.

Chop & steak dinner.


Working life is still a life

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. Earlier part of the week, I was devastated by documentation and training, which I have recovered from fully. Today was just full of fact-finding, discussions on metering again, and so on. There was never a time to sit back a bit and breathe.

Life feels like it’s moving fast. And you can’t help but wish there’s more to life than just work.

Real depth versus news from afar

Started early like 3 o’clock. Traveled to helibase via Firefly. As soon as I was on-board and I went on immediately to dig around for answers and figures.


In my honest opinion, the intricacy of the inner-working with the operations offshore simply cannot be supplemented by paperworks, KPI, telephone calls from afar, or pounding on a keyboard.

You have to be with the team in the field to understand the issues.

Read with discretion: Some engineers may find the above unfair or offending – but it’s the actual observation and I invite you to prove me wrong. Please provide proof to me that a supplementary document in the office can single-handedly pin-point the issues, unite the team to common ground, and lock the gear to spin and get going again. It might temporarily but it wouldn’t work in a long term.

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