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Short Notes for August 6

I had a personal discussion with the boss. Had to explain my side of the story on why I was evaluated in a certain way last year. Phew. Work is just a rubber ball. Just a rubber ball.

Uncle Loh spent a night here to start early tomorrow for his son’s UKM commencement.


Short Notes for July 23

I was too casual. People went, “do you work today?” Helping out with some investigations offshore. Sequence of events.

Sultan Mizan was at Masjid As-Syakirin for friday prayer. I left office and brought back Sate for dinner. Delivered some to my wife.

Rubbing Salt on the Wound

Maybe it’s just me but that paragraph is way over the line. Whoever came up with that has not gone through some real thinking.

Employees: “Heck, I didn’t know we were going to produce in order to buy seven 60-inch Sony screens for everybody… otherwise I would’ve worked a little harder… to get me some.”

Talk about sensitivity training.


P/S: Remember one of the Chief Ministers who gave away brooms to not-so-clean schools? Yeap, he got the boot out.

Short Notes for June 16

Spare parts discussion. The work was about 70% done and then only you seek controllers & management concurrence? Not the right process. Farewell tea for one of the supervisors who was promoted to a Superintendent. He emphasized the importance of explaining the “why” in order to be more convincing.

Short Notes on June 15

Domain setup discussion. I got the usual “siding with the OEM” allegation again.

BP Pumps – You Are Responsible For Spills!


Found it from here

5 years passed by

1796days completed.


0obligation to go.


The heavy weight on my shoulders have been lifted.


West versus east reporting

In the west, there are stricter regulations, HSE (Health, Safety & Environmental) groups, safety inspections, enforcement and bigger rewards for achieving objectives and compliance.

But the big incidents still seemed to occur more in the west. What’s happening? Why is that?

1) Is there a difference in media coverage? More shusshh from the politicians to the media in the east?
2) Are Asians more obedient then? The safety behavior and attitude conform better to the hazardous situations?
3) Does the west harp on the issues more thus they are much more visible in the public eyes?

I wonder.

The persistent coordinators versus smart leaders

Science explores the possibility and creates the availability.
Engineering improves the practicality, economically.
All for business who knows how to coordinate things together
. hahahaha

Don’t get me wrong, I’m interested in business and there’s nothing wrong with business by itself. But there is something funny with the people who carry the business flag… thinking they actually outsmart the technicians, the engineers, the scientists, the doctors… etc.

Even within management, there is a small few who are the real smart leaders. You’re lucky if you happen to meet this small few in your life.

My point is, the real management and the real leader of a division must have quite a background of something in that discipline. You can’t grab a master in botany to suddenly lead the textile division. Unless the particular textile division deals a lot with the origin, like how a cotton was processed and so on, there is absolutely no logical step in putting someone else just to broaden the experience or diversify the skills of a certain manager.


Kenneth Brill, a senior engineer and founder of Uptime Institute recently wrote a commentary entitled “BP’s Real Cause of Accident on Forbes about 5 reliability principles. His second states: “Junior management error is the most frequent root cause. Why protect against something that probably won’t happen?” while referring to going from “mostly working” to “never fails”.

“Never-fails” equipment is very expensive to build and run. Does it take high level engineering to go from 90% to 99.9% reliable… or high level management? Or both?

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