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Fault: PETRONAS F1 Show Girls

Darby Park lunch and Friday prayer at Tabung Haji. Heard about a former colleague on “being let go”. Wow.

On the way back to office, I saw PETRONAS spending on the wrong cause: F1 show girls doing promotion in front of Suria KLCC.

“Yes, we are global!”

But with that show girls, we forgot Syariat and Islamic principles, of course. Covering ‘aurat is compulsory… wajib, hey Najib. Wajib. (Dato’, reminder for you too)

Wallahua’alam. May we continue to be guided and reminded…

– Alya helped with fetching CB
– Returned to Sg. Merab (feast)
– Played Futsal at Ferrot. It was awesome, I sweated a lot
– On the way home, stopped by JPJ who warned about sticking the road tax on the windscreen. Yeah, I just placed it there. Didn’t stick it on. My bad.


First Week on the New Job

Arrived a little bit late. There was not much work today but I did learn a lot of Draka cables. This new role will allow me to go into depth about something. Great.

Had lunch with former classmate, Jeff. He’s currently one of the Human Resources executives in PCSB (previously he was with the PETRONAS corporate itself).

– I weighed myself on the Karada Scan: my body age is 45? Wow.

– Ashbi had called several times about getting a passport. Seemed like he couldn’t get a hold of dad.

– Returned home, refilled gas, jogged for about half an hour and relaxed a bit.

Life has improved.

Master agreement official launch

I attended our big bosses’ master service agreement with OEM roll-out to production contractors.

That’s probably not self-explanatory so let me try that again –

It is an official launch for all Malaysian oil & gas production contractors (Exxon, Shell, Hess, Nippon Oil, Murphy Oil, etc.) to be able to use a binding agreement with Malaysian oil & gas service & material suppliers (mostly Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) or appointed representatives) at the rates & terms already negotiated by the Malaysia oil & gas boss – PETRONAS.

Better or worse? For some reason, it’s longer.

Notice that PETRONAS is spelled PETRONAS, not Petronas.

Apparently, I was under the impression that it was more of a session for a whole bunch of lawyers looking for loopholes. Maybe I was wrong.

Maxis KLCC branch

When I was at Maxis KLCC branch the other day, I noticed one thing:

There was a counter just for Petronas staff!

Now, that’s quite a privilege.

Olivals’ highlight on Esso and PETRONAS


I have been struck by Olivals’ pamphlet that inadvertently shows the stark contrast between two operating companies.

Without actual pamphlet label, I recognize that the left picture represents the heavyweight Esso Malaysia, and the right side PETRONAS, local champion that pretty much is a global player too now.

Notice 3 things:
1) Sleeves
2) Chin-strap for helmet
3) Bolt conditions at main joints

I do not need to say further. Unless you really can’t tell them apart that you prefer my deliberate elaboration.

Managing external relationship

There was a talk on how to manage External Relationships. The one that we care the most at the moment is the Malaysian boss, PETRONAS.

There you go. I can’t even spell it “Petronas”. I didn’t know that before the talk. Business partner, is a business partner.

Somehow the comedian in me broke out during the lunch. There was already a little snippet prior to talk itself that started the whole thing. Somebody asked if I could sing. Someone else added, “Are you kidding, he even did stand-up.”

OK… maybe I did a thing or two. It wasn’t that great, but there’s plenty more I have to learn and experiment.

My reply to the question was, “yeah, but I am not a performer, still.”

The Layman Oil and Gas

I felt the chills. It was cold I didn’t feel well. I returned to office after a sitting at Petronas and cleared other stuff. Went to see a doctor, diagnosed for some medicine, returned home and crashed.


Picture Mah – that’s the business idea. Simple mah!

At work, I had to defer the SDS-SI FAT to make way for contracting sitting at Petronas. They didn’t seem to be receptive to technical clarity and technical explanations – they would prefer layman terms instead (oh, I’m sorry, I’m not from technical background, all the while in commercial).

Grow up fellas, c’mon. Who is the Oil & Gas boss in Malaysia?

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