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Safety system testing

This whole week will be about safety system testing. Invensys Triconex to be exact.

Most of the integrators lead a very simple technical life.

And I had some time to goof off with my Guru, Sir Ui Min. Yeah, I know… I looked fat with the hat. And the camera added 10 pounds some more. Why la you had to bring the camera, Eric? LOL…


February vacation begins

Vacation starts! Earlier today I was over at Jalan TAR with Intan. It’s been a while since the last time I was there. She was there recently for curtains and so on. We shopped for several things that we need in the interim and items for the new place.

After that, we visited Pakcik Omar and Auntie Nor at Keramat AU2. Their eldest is getting married this weekend but we couldn’t make it. So we dropped by ahead of time. KakLong and mom were there too. It looked like it was going to be a grand event. Eldest child… of course. The theme was going to be purplish pink. Maybe pinkish purple. I’m not sure… I’m color blind.

If I’m taking pictures through these glasses, it’s not exactly DSLR anymore. Hahah.

Nikkor 1.8G lens

Speaking of Nikon, the other day I tried a ~RM400 50mm 1.8G lens with manual focus (since my D60 does not have the internal drive motor).

The depth of field was indeed amazing, but I have to throw myself further back to capture the whole phone. 50mm all right.

SPA interview, conveyancing and Nikon lens

I am taking a 1-day off to accompany Intan attending the SPA‘s interview (SPA = Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam) in Building 6-7, Block C, Putrajaya.

It was a 3-hour wait. Fortunately the interview went quite well. I knew my wife could handle the questions. It’s not like house-officers-to-be could fail the interview but at least we gave good impression, in case appeal is required to help with the placement. Ayu, Fikri, and Anayasmin were there too. Besides the occasional reading and chatting, I was mostly accompanying my wife awaiting her turn. She knew she has my full support.

After a quick lunch at Rasamas Putrajaya, we headed towards Bintang’s England Optical to survey for a new pair of glasses. Somehow my glasses broke prior to the offshore trip last week. In between completing the purchase, I attended the signing of land purchase at the district office, with the presence of district officer, the original land owner and the conveyancing lawyer. That went quite well too.

Once that’s cleared, we headed home before picking up important parcel at Pos Bangi (well known for laggardness) and returned to the optician for an eye test. I am going to get Nikon lens. Fuuuh! Nice!

They don’t have Nikon frames so I am only getting the lens, which is already good enough for me.

SB-600 picture in pitch dark

TTL BL FP Rear. Without rear.
Shoot straight to the roof, 180, 90 degrees.

These are just some of the terms that I am learning right now. Needs to climb the steep curve of lights and optics.

This was taken in pitch dark. Munief was very sleepy. Aida was practicing a prayer while her eldest sister Arifah corrected something. Hehe. Cute.

Shopping for loans, strobe and Batik shirts

I am taking a 1-day leave just to run errands. The first one was to gauge our loan options in banks nearby. We stopped by Maybank Islamic, RHB Islamic, CIMB, CIMB Islamic, and Muamalat. RHB impressed us the most in terms of service but so far CIMB has the upper hand in the actual offering.

MOA. MRTA. Cap. None free moving cost.

Those are just some of the terms that we have to learn quickly. Every banker seemed to have a different jargons so I had to perform “terms recognition” to understand what they were actually referring to on paper.

Then we headed towards Pertama Complex for SB-600 and Baju Batiks. For whatever reason, the price of SB-600 has shot up from 700 to 800. Even the medium entry level DSLR D60 appreciates. Ihsan told me that D60 is now selling for slightly more than RM2000. It was only RM1,850 when I bought mine.

I tried Pertama food court Nasi Ayam Penyet for lunch. Intan had nasi campur.

Good choices of Baju Batik with discounts in Globe Silk Store… or now Sarah Hughes’ Store. Thanks for the Baju Batiks, honey!

After that, we returned to Bangi, applied banker’s check for the land’s deposit and updated our Tabung Haji transaction books. Whole day burned. But it was very fruitful.

I am now a proud owner of a Nikon SB-600 speedlight. Here is a picture taken by the 1st generation iPhone – you can tell from its quality.

Testing the strobe mechanism. “CB, over exposure. Let’s shoot the light upward.”

Real estate search and real traffic jam

I invited mom and dad to see the real estate option. Intan & I ended up verifying its authenticity at the district office. Lo and behold, it is indeed a piece of land that our descendants can hold forever. Great outcome!

I think I want to write how to verify land ownership status. I went through a great deal of details in learning the nomenclature.

We traveled back to KS afterwards. The road was horribly jam packed, we had to stop by Sungai Buloh’s restoran jejantas (passover restaurant). There was also a 45-minute crawl at the Kuala Selangor road where a market had been setup, blocking the main road to just one lane in each direction, beside a huge temple. We started at 7 and reached KS by 11.

This was my second attempt at taking long exposure, small aperture photo. Quite decent since I wasn’t using any tripod whatsoever. I was holding the camera with bare hands, keeping the view from the passover to the road steady for a few seconds.

Removed the road lamps for a slightly more dramatic result. Maybe not dramatic at all actually.

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