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First of Ramadhan

I was at SGS, Lukut, PD, a proving site. The journey was smooth. The finding wasn’t that surprising. But the rush back was tough. Led the first tarawikh… Ramadhan begins…


Bonuslink and RealReward Points for Hereafter onwards

Notice sometimes there are membership cards that offer you multiple reward points and cash backs for spending? Well, I can’t help but think of something similar…

Allah offers these rewards:
1x niat (intention to do good, even if you didn’t actually accomplish it)
10x recite the Qur’an by the letter (Alif Laam Miim is not 1 but 3 times 10)
27x establish jam’ah prayer
70x welcome guests, Infaq of excess money or property to please Allah
100,000x perform prayer in Masjidil Haram
Unknown rewards – fasting (ibadah sirriah, since it is a secret between makhluk (Creations – us) and Khaliq (Creator – Allah))

Unknown to us, as in, nobody could verify if you fast and if you fast very well, but Allah is All-Knowing. And during Ramadhan, all the above multiply even more. So take advantage of that.

But remember, we perform these ibadahs not because of the rewards, but because we really want to do them to please the Almighty…

Let this be a reminder, to myself, at least. Wallahu’alam.

My mother

As some of you may have already heard, my mom passed away quite recently (about 10.15PM, June 20th, 2010).

This was my last picture with her while visiting CB at KMS Banting on Friday, June 4th, 2010.

The last few moments I remembered her presence were during my cousin’s reception in Terengganu on Sunday, Jun 6, 2010. Beside her was Tok, her mother, our grandmother.

My mom never really scolded me. She was the most understanding, always offering comfort in anyway she could. She cried with me on some of the difficulties that I had to go through.

I’m sorry mom. If I hurt you or disappoint you, in any way. I love you… so much. T_T
You always live in my heart. I’ll remember to pray for you in every prayer.

Mrs. A’esah Abdul Rahman
1955 – 2010

Al-Fatihah for Pn A’esah Abdul Rahman – a loving daughter, sister, wife, mother of eight and grandmother of five. We miss her so very much.

Rest in peace, mom. May Allah bless you and place you among those He loves.


The Gift of Sight

It feels good to share jokes with the operators. The instrumentation & electrical technicians seem to be good, hard-working lads. I really don’t mind spending another day working alongside these awesome folks. They’re smart, reasonable, and easy-going.

An immediate sign of: “improvement required”

Eye injury seems to creep up recently. Makes me think, “Oh yeah, I do value my eyesight very, very highly.” On the other hand, such a gift that it is, nobody’s deed could actually afford one eye let alone both pairs. The everyday blesses are not a result of anything that we deserve – we get them all purely due to Allah’s mercy.

Praise be to Allah. Alhamdulillah…

Reinvent yourself every 5 years

It wasn’t such a fruitful day but I managed to accomplish a few things. It feels like I’ve been too long on this job. All my peers have changed three generations. I’m still the same one person doing the same job for very close to 5 years.

“Ya Allah, please help me reinvent myself. I’m becoming complacent. My senses are dulled.”

I pray for Safety

Prior to Friday prayer, there was a session of tazkirah (invitational, the speaker was definitely not local)

Brothers of Islam… build your achievement in steps:

1) Read the Qur’an! And then…
2) Learn and understand the Qur’an! And then…
3) Practice into your deeds, perfect your ibadah… and then…
4) Everything’s built in right into your action,  thusconvey and teach to others (Imam, scholars)

Is it anything similar to this?
unconsciously incompetent – you don’t know what you don’t know
consciously incompetent – you know what you don’t know
consciously competent – you know what you know
unconsciously competent – everything’s built in right into your action, you don’t even noticed it, guide others

And then, Sheikh Muhammad Saad Nomani Madani was around. He is Imam Abu Hanifa’s 25th generation, well known for his capability to recite the style of about 85 famous qaris and imams across the globe. (See Sheikh in action)

Super impressive. He gave it a shot and it felt like you’re traveling across all the mosques there. He also called out the first Azan. Subhanallah, it felt like I was there in Masjidil Haram.

Much later, I found out that our neighbor had just been assaulted by 5 robbers yesterday. It came out in the newspaper. Read it here. Ya Allah, protect us from such calamity. Amin.

Induction at Impian Morib 2

I decided to take the day off since 0.5 leave on Friday is bigger in the record than actual. Furthermore, I don’t exactly live nearby the office and the journey to office is up north, totally the opposite of my definite destination for today – South.

I had spent last night at mom’s. Didn’t expect Intan’s call that early; apparently they finished the tests earlier than scheduled. I drove there immediately after the call.

Hey, the beach is nearby. But there’s plenty of barriers, fences and walls to get there from here.

Decent place I’d say.

There is a pool for kids. Nice safety feature – the pool is not connected to the adults pools, unlike Awana Kijal.

The pool splits into male and female area. How convenient!

I swam for a little while, joined my wife, Aya & Hafiz for lunch, before headed towards a nearby mosque with Hafiz for Friday prayer. The weather was blazing hot, I was literally dripping on the inside.

We left Impian Morib not long after I returned from Friday prayer. On the way back, we captured this:

The police station was huge! The tower there better shoot some laser ray to the bad guy’s dungeon and the middle bulk there should transform into Enforcetron in the case of emergency.

Fire spread! The issue wasn’t the old and abandoned post office on fire – but the prevention of fire from spreading elsewhere. Unless somebody went, “Yeah, we actually wanted to preserve the historic land site of the oldest post office in the Kuala Langat area…”

Zakaria Daros’ like castle. 3 storeys with a pool! With the kind of money I have right now, I can only afford to build the guard house, hehe.

Friday khutbah January 22, 2010

The Friday khutbah reminded me that we all start with Allah and end with Allah.

When a baby was born, the beginning to the azan or iqamah to the ears was:

الله اكبر الله اكبر

which starts with the word الله

And as the person dies, the final words to utter would be:

لا اله الا الله

which ends with the word الله

Four ways to get back on track:
1) Taubat, repent and repent, again and again
2) Find halal rizq, feed your kids from halal sources
3) Fulfill obligations (prayer, zakat, fast, hajj, etc)
4) Zikrullah, remember Allah at all time


I had lunch with the senior service engineer and service manager at Kayu Manis. We performed Friday prayer at Bukit Jelutong Masjid on Jalan Mimbar.

I first heard of the heaven Adnin pronounced at waqaf or punctuation so it was without the “in”, and it sounded like “Aden”. So, were the Apple (supposedly “Khuldi”) and prophet Adam in the Garden of Eden – Adnin?


Ke… eden tak ponah dongar Eden tuh….

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