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First of Ramadhan

I was at SGS, Lukut, PD, a proving site. The journey was smooth. The finding wasn’t that surprising. But the rush back was tough. Led the first tarawikh… Ramadhan begins…


Short Notes for August 9

Had a short review with my immediate boss and technical advisor with regards to some measurement issues. Returned home and spent some time with wife. Yeah, we don’t have very much of that together.

Jalan Banting Klang adjoining Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad

Attended an ‘Aqiqah, Nazim‘s second son. Quick trip to Carrefour after that and then sent CB to Banting. We were a bit late on the way back! Traffic jam at the stupid junction road (that you had to queue and wait at traffic light to go straight!). And to make it worse, plenty of cars from the left cutting queues.

We noticed a bending sideway and downward papaya after the ‘aqiqah. Amazing.

I was more annoyed by the people cutting queues than the road itself.

Bonuslink and RealReward Points for Hereafter onwards

Notice sometimes there are membership cards that offer you multiple reward points and cash backs for spending? Well, I can’t help but think of something similar…

Allah offers these rewards:
1x niat (intention to do good, even if you didn’t actually accomplish it)
10x recite the Qur’an by the letter (Alif Laam Miim is not 1 but 3 times 10)
27x establish jam’ah prayer
70x welcome guests, Infaq of excess money or property to please Allah
100,000x perform prayer in Masjidil Haram
Unknown rewards – fasting (ibadah sirriah, since it is a secret between makhluk (Creations – us) and Khaliq (Creator – Allah))

Unknown to us, as in, nobody could verify if you fast and if you fast very well, but Allah is All-Knowing. And during Ramadhan, all the above multiply even more. So take advantage of that.

But remember, we perform these ibadahs not because of the rewards, but because we really want to do them to please the Almighty…

Let this be a reminder, to myself, at least. Wallahu’alam.

Short Notes for July 28

Went to Tabung Haji to have my book updated. Asked them how to handle deceased family member account. .


The stronger the fundamentals, the higher the building.”

Picked up Ayoh at KLIA.

Short Notes for July 19

The Umdatul Ahkam session was very enlightening. I managed to squash a long term doubt that I’ve had for a long time. Finally submitted the contract proposal that everybody have been chasing me on last week.

Adik was not feeling well. I headed back straight away. Ayoh also returned.

Short Notes for July 16

That was a fair review with management. Told myself… yes! Allah is indeed the only Boss! The only One we should all have faith in, love and fear. Thank you, Allah. Thank you.

I received a phone call from DeVere. I have a feeling some consultancy companies rejected my applications and referred my details? Heck! Who’s sharing my details? (Oops, my secret leaked. Ha ha. Eh, but it’s an open secret what?)

Prior to the Friday prayer, I noticed a boy who casually recited Qur’an like it’s the most fun thing in the world. There’s joy in every word and hum. His voice echoed across the prayer hall. Stark reminders to adults in there, myself included, to recite, read and understand the Qur’an more.

Short Notes for July 15

Lunch with senior machinery engineers. Returned home with some level of anxiety because I left certain things open-ended. (Its ok, Allah is in fact the only Boss, way high up. Have faith in Him.)

I helped Adik practicing flute to the song of Anak Itik Tokwi. Had a taste of Simpunk burger. Quite nice.

Tazkirah for July 15: kalau orang Melayu tidak terima Islam, maka Allah akan ganti dengan kaum lain yang menerima Islam.

Short Notes for July 14

Asset meeting during the day. Exported Muzani & Niza’s video’s at night.

Ayoh returned and we all had dinner at Alamanda Putrajaya.

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