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Jalan Banting Klang adjoining Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad

Attended an ‘Aqiqah, Nazim‘s second son. Quick trip to Carrefour after that and then sent CB to Banting. We were a bit late on the way back! Traffic jam at the stupid junction road (that you had to queue and wait at traffic light to go straight!). And to make it worse, plenty of cars from the left cutting queues.

We noticed a bending sideway and downward papaya after the ‘aqiqah. Amazing.

I was more annoyed by the people cutting queues than the road itself.


Jess Ross’ Honda

I’m sure you’ve heard of Jess Ross’ Honda. Jess Ross couldn’t get his Honda to the standard that he deserved. Even went to the point of painting his car “My Honda Tak Guna” or “My Useless Honda“. He went, “if this is what I have to do to get justice, so be it!

I have nothing against Honda nor do I think other Honda owners or potential owners should be jumping in anxiety due to this case. It could be there is an isolated case with partially locally fabricated parts vs. fully-imported ones. Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t have the facts. Even Toyota has made recalls on the recent failed accelerators and was under great scrutiny from just about everybody.

But I am highly suspecting one thing though – that there is an intermittent breakdown in communication between the two. In my opinion, Jess should’ve taken this with Honda with greater flair and find out if there are other batches of cars that experience the same and really, really work with Honda on nailing it. And Honda should be just as worried at the greater level, for a car that couldn’t re-establish its basic functions after recurring repair, instead of keeping on servicing the same car and going at it over and over again.

What do you think? More details on the story here.

Short Notes for June 30

Left a bit earlier since the hardware test was deferred. Man provided minor service at his workshop. Steering still felt a lil bit heavier than before.

Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor visit

We visited CB in Kathong, Jugra, Banting. He seemed to be doing very well.

Muzani wanted to drive on the way back so bad so we let him. If he fits in the driver’s seat. Lol.

I spent the night at mom’s for the anticipation of traveling to Terengganu in a convoy tomorrow.

Repair and Crash analysis

I actually visited the workshop to see how my car was doing.

Not bad. Finally the front headlights are functionally restored.

On the way back, I visited the crash site with my camera.

The drain stops here. Blocked with dirts. No open drain for the next 50m on the bridge.

Scratched dividers evidently suggesting previous crashes. My grill was nowhere to be found. They must’ve cleaned up the site recently. Before my offshore trip, I could see my grill lying in between the road and the divider.

So if I am to conduct a rootcause failure analysis,

The causal factors are:
1 Rain volumes: medium to high
2 Bridge condition, bend at easily 45 degrees angle entrance
3 Open drain short and possibly blocked. Water spots could easily form depending on how flat the road is.
4 Speed limit of 60 is fine on the bridge itself but entry speed could’ve been lower. The traffic safety department should have a formula for this.
5 Tire conditions: brand new front tires but 2 to 3 year old rear tires, thread thickness is slightly more than half of the original. Not bad but not in the best shape either especially in extraordinary situation.
6 Driving behavior: cruising along at speed limit, not lowering down by 10 or conservatively 20.

Suggested improvements:
1 Rainy days: None. Outside human control. Can’t prevent people from driving during rain either. By cost-benefit analysis, consider installing a roof over the bridge.
2 Bridge condition: straightens the bend a little. Possible with more clearance from the right side (KTM parkings might give way a little) and left side (shops that are more or less relocate-able). Justify for lower center road (banked curves) for centripetal force to work in our favor. Indy 500 inner ring is lower than the outer ring for this reason.

3 Stretch the open drain a little further up. Flattens the road more to reduce likelihood of water spots.
4 Revise speed limit downward.
5 Inspect tire conditions regularly. Change tires earlier than 75% thread thickness loss.
6 Change driving behavior on rainy days: reduce speed by at least 10km/hour anyway.

Alternative transportation, returning from the crash

TAE was definitely a cruise ride. I’ve always had a little bit of a scare driving it due to the last incident. (Refresh significant near-miss incident here). I had no other choice but to face the trauma head on.

At the office, people had asked about the crash. During one of the chats, my technical advisor revealed that he replaced his tires with Michelin too. He insisted on the importance of replacing tires on time. And there was a general agreement that Malaysian roads sewerage needs some improvement.

Recovery from the Crash

I took almost the whole day off so in a way, I had to skip the office completely. Early in the morning, I dropped by mom’s of course. Finally decided on borrowing the 190 TAE, I returned home to pick up Ibu and back to mom’s again.

After a while, I excused myself and headed over to the workshop. Took me until slightly over noon to go over the details with the workshop manager. I was exploring the options of modification, discussing on the concerns that I carried from the last repair and so on. The manager seemed very knowledgeable of the workshop’s capabilities and highly concerned about the workshop’s standards too. So that was a good sign.

Returning home, I had lunch together with everybody and it’s slightly over 2.30pm by the time it was over. If I sent Ibu back and headed back to work, the actual productive time would be from 4 to 5, which was definitely not worth the journey, hence my decision to skip the office completely. After all, I am on emergency leave.

I Lost Control of my Nissan Sentra

Crashed! I guess that’s what I get for questioning cars in Malaysia.

My side of the story is this…

Skidded off: the rear tires somehow loss traction on such slippery road. It was raining. Water spots were everywhere. I didn’t expect there would be water spots on such an elevated part of the highway. I was doing about 50 or 60 on Besraya turn immediately after the Serdang KTMB…

At the end of the day, I escaped without a scratch (and without scratching anybody else). Alhamdulillah.

The aftermath was as usual, police report, tow, checked in the workshop, and so on and so forth. I’m saving the detailed story for later. If I write everything in here… there’s not much to talk about in real life, wouldn’t it? 😀 ahaha

Monday juggling

Haywire. First, I was late in sending my wife to the Health office over in KL. I just missed a turn and everything went a little cuckoo. I managed to recover a bit but it didn’t help much. I have to thank Ayah who was there for his daughter.


So my wife is reporting for duty already. Awh. 3 months passed by so quickly. I am happy with the kind of work-life balance I’ve been enjoying. Now it’s time to let that feeling go. T_T


At the same time, the operators had waited for me at the Honeywell office, expecting me to be there to initiate the systems testing. Does it still take me to be there and go, “yeah, let’s start, guys.” Don’t get me wrong, the OEM was doing their thing, the operators were already kind enough to show up – so why was there a need to hold hands, still? I immediately traveled to the Honeywell office and straightened things out. I really hope that one day, these things wouldn’t depend on me and me alone.

And some engineers in the office were waiting and expecting my solution, who earlier already brought it up to the highest level in the production unit in order to pressure me for commitment. I had to handle that remotely with a help of my buddy in the office.

I don’t mind doing all the above, but I really can’t be at all 3 places at the same time!

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