Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication…                                                                                                                                          



Small Feast in Putrajaya

Apologized to the right parties and shut down Facebook usage for a while.
Facebook is actually very harmful. Especially to those who take matters at face value (pun intended).
– Turned this weblog to private for a while.

Went to Bangi to purchase new WLQ Kancil battery. Replaced & tested it.

Then I headed to Taman Warisan to get some sate. Everyone came for a feast later in the evening. Simple event, just a quick get together.

Muzani apparently had a problem with his Kancil’s brake while on his way leaving this Putrajaya apartment. The brake pump locked at pumping thus the rear tires couldn’t rotate. Lent him the WLQ Kancil for now.


Catching up with Former Surface Technical Folks

Great feeling of winning! Sore but surviving. Cleared the whole grain breakfast in my container. Lunch at Pizza Hut with former ST folks. Talked a lot. And criticized a lot.

AIMS review. Agreed to consult the process group. They definitely should’ve been involved…

And yes, I don’t know everything.

Returned straight to Aie Roslan haircut, bought some sate and returned to HQ.

Short Notes for July 23

I was too casual. People went, “do you work today?” Helping out with some investigations offshore. Sequence of events.

Sultan Mizan was at Masjid As-Syakirin for friday prayer. I left office and brought back Sate for dinner. Delivered some to my wife.

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