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January 2011 Under Way

Monday 3
I interviewed one of the prospective colleagues to test the work & life balance – nearer to the source the better. Checked out 5D MarkII and tested out the new 60D at the Canon shop.

Tuesday 4
Reviewed the charter with subsurface advisor. This charter is taking a toll. More discussion on shortfall – less than productive. I called up prospective hiring supervisor to ask for some update. Received the surprising news – but shouldn’t get too excited. Anything can happen. Heavy downpour. I purchased a 500GB Seagate as my Time Machine.

Wednesday 5
More charter review. *Rolled eyes*. I met up some business contacts about startups: they couldn’t disclose the inner workings at coffee shop – because otherwise it’s only as far as a coffee business. What the… ? You can talk about Nike wear in less than 5 minutes at a Mamak stall somewhere and not making it a Chicken brand.

Thursday 6
Heavy downpour again. Was scouting around looking for commissioner of oath. On the way back, I showed a couple of tourists the path to get to Suria KLCC quickly. Felt good about that. Worked very hard on getting the Expenditure Account setup back & forth with accounting/analyst.

Friday 7
First meeting at new department. It was both warm & cold at the same time. Purchased replacement iron at Best Denki. Attended Azni’s wedding ceremony.

Saturday 8
Sent dad to Cheras. Taman Botani visit. Nandos dinner.

Sunday 9
Aliya came over with Layth and spent the night here in Putrajaya.


My PIKOM PC Fair Comments

Early in the morning, I sent my wife to work. Then roamed the PC fair for a bit with Ashbi.

Huge crowd! Here’s my list of so-called “tweets” during the event:

Intel Booth
– covering PC fair… this netbook is not better at anything at all… rm1299? yuck:…
– the touch-screen all-in-one iMac wannabe is helpless…

Anti-virus Booth
– kaspersky 2011 for Mac for RM150? money flushing down the toilet…

Visual Tech Booths
– 40″ edge LED Phillips for rm3,999. evrybody is showing transformers…
– panasonic… sold out. promoter not helping, can’t tell between LCD and LED TV. bad labelling

Macs & Lenovo Booths
– epicentre… too expensive (help! Apple store!)
– lenovo, 12.1″ core i5 for rm5,399? too small of screen. I can get 15″ mbp at that price…

Storage Booths
– freeagent 1.0TB seagate for rm259? interesting… that’s a lot cheaper than when I bought it last year…
‎- 8GB thumbdrive still at about 40 plus. last time rm49, now rm45. 8GB SDHC card for rm49? grab one. normally 60plus… now I can operate my digital camcorder

Sound System Booths
– 1Avira, 1malaysia 1antivirus solution. free movie passes with it. oh. marketing
– sonicgear, altec lansing, edifier, e-view, eacan, divoom. only altec lansing is worthy. but of course it doesn’t beat Bose.

PC Booths
– vaio is over-rated. rm5,999 for 13.1″ unit. again, mbp is the way forward: boots both mac os x and windows, best of both worlds.
– htc… aria, smart, legend, desire, dual, tattoo. which one? quietly confusing, not brilliant.
– asus i5 at rm3,899? that’s the better deal. shame on hp
– toshiba qosmio i7, rm4999. harman kardon speakers. nice, but it runs windows. and it’s super thick.
– dell, uh, wow. I’m not gonna even start to compare. not worth it.
– acer has a better deal, corei7, rm4,699. dolby speakers. 15.4″. but it only runs windows. oops.
– fujitsu is waay too expensive. core i7 laptop starts at rm6,c (Rm6,988. It was too expensive, I accidentally hit sent before I finish typing)

Bottom Floor Booths
– sandisk selling 8GB SDHC at rm55. so my purchase was justified.
– msi core i7 at rm6,599. all these pc-manufacturers are making apple inc look competitive. heheh.
– Western digital element is competing, 1TB at rm249. and samsung G3 at rm245.
– Nikon’s D90 for rm3,339? nice deal! save rm700…
– blackberry bold 9700 digi for rm1,199. rm200 better than the last deal they offered…
– foot soldiers in colors! yellow digi, green maxis, purple P1, orange TM. and celcom in blue.
– no Samsung, LG monitors participation. oh no. not even TV.

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