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My Nissan Sentra was beautifully restored

Just a quick update, on Wednesday June 2nd, I was able to pick up my car from the workshop.

Here’s the entry when I first totaled the front: I lost control of my Nissan Sentra.

Here’s the entry of some investigative work post-crash: Repair and Crash analysis.

The repairman did a phenomenal job restoring the car. It’s an absolutely amazing work. If you ever need a touch-up for your cars here in Malaysia, I’d be happy to refer you to this awesome workshop.


Nissan headlamp replacement

I was in Honeywell office PJ to audit the training for the Instrument/Electrical maintenance crew.

While I was it, I left my Nissan at the nearby service center for the left headlamp replacement.


It was broken before. Now water had sipped inside it. The left headlamp reminded of my left knee for being “repaired” twice – first was arthroscopy and then the actual reconstructive surgery.

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