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Esso and Shell

Scoop, I was here first!

Hey, I signed the PSC (production sharing contract) first!


Photography of safety

I was browsing through the pictures entries of photography-for-safety competition. If you know me, I’d normally point to some defects instead of acknowledging that the sky is blue and that the birds are singing…


I’m not sure why this even qualifies at all. What is the danger for turning off the light? Killing the lights might kill you? How likely is that? Please tell me what is the risk associated with the above activity.

In fact, I think opening the circuit (turning the light off) is much safer than closing it (turning the light on). If there was a short somewhere along the line awaiting for the switch, closing or completing the circuit would just cause that zap, too high of current flowing and that’s your chance of fire.


Whoever thinks there is a risk of fire by using cellphone at gas station is an idiot. Well, maybe not an idiot but very gullible. Oh, hey, everyone seems to be avoiding it, I’ll do that too.

There has never been a confirmed incident involving cellphone fire at gas station anywhere on earth. The cases of fire at gas stations were due to static electricity instead, not cell phones. Basic science. If you’re outside the car, stay outside. If you’re inside the car, please stay inside. The rubbing of your clothing with the seat’s fabric causes electrostatic charges to build up. There is a diminutive possibility that dislodged battery might cause a spark but I doubt that the energy level is high enough to ignite a fire.

Let me give you a scenario. Workers in coal mines have used wire runs connected to battery since ages. They short together the parallel cables that go in deep into the mines that complete the circuit and light up the lamp. Why hasn’t that caused explosion for almost 30 years? (until one day somebody decided to change the battery and that caused 400-odd people almost instantaneously combusted when the circuit was closed.)

Total Oil fell for the hoax.
Exxon at one time was gullible too.
Shell was circulating it in the E-mail.

The learning here is – before you forward any reminders to your families, friends, or colleagues – think about how true the claim is first. Reach out to your senses.

Worker whereabout


The first joke of its kind. This is definitely not a company or subsidiary of Shell, and yet that’s what was written on the board. Unless I had missed something.

Any management eyes would suddenly open up.


There was a feast for Raya and Deepavali celebration. I totally forgot to suit up. There were too many alignment meetings, troubleshooting and so on.

Volume tanks comparison

On my way back to main land from Penang, looking towards Butterworth, I saw Shell and ESSO volume tanks.

QUIZ: Which one is better maintained just by looking at the two pictures?



Melbourne Tour Day 4

Wife helped a lot in packing and the whole Friday morning was a pause and rest from the road trips and preparation for the traveling back to Malaysia. I went to the mosque on Preston for Friday prayer. The khutbah talked about being patient, “Fasbir, wassabri jamiila,” roughly translated to “Be patient with the most excellent patience.” If you think you’re going through hard times, be reminded of the hardship and calamity that Rasullah (p.b.u.h) went through… and we should follow the true example of Allah’s messenger.


On the way to Vic market, I saw a graffiti all the way up on the building. How did a graffiti get that high?


We were looking for kangaroo shoes again by request from dad. Surprisingly to me, these kangaroo shoes are hard to find. Maybe for normal types shoes they are. Kangaroo skins are normally in the form of football or soccer shoes. The hawkers told us that the European pay so much more for kangaroo products. No wonder. We found a pair but I wasn’t sure if dad would like it.


Much later, we were at the professional bookstore for my wife’s final semester books. 12 semesters are quite a journey. I only had to do 8 and 3 or 4 short ones.

Next stop was Next Byte since I needed to purchase a Mini DisplayPort to DVI converter. They had the cables in stock now but the price was not AUD$25 as labeled on others. The price tag of AUD$45 was exactly like the ones we saw in Chadstone.


Here in Melbourne school.


The library had this tour on Shell origin in Australia. Apparently, Shell had helped with mapping then and even producing Braille map along the way.

Marine mollusk

Look what I found yesterday.


Familiar scallop?

Oil & Gas Satire

Ahha… I’m not sure where and how these ideas came up.

1) Why is everybody leaving the company Exxon Mobil?

Well, there’s just one too many Xes… and the world is mobile, you know…

2) How do you know Shell is catching up?

Everybody’s breaking out of their shell, right. Wait. Because everyone has to shell out big bucks to fill in the tanks with V-Power, man

3) How is BP doing?

Well, blood pressure goes up high too, brother, not just the oil price.

Profitability jump

Imminently experiencing sore muscles.

I spotted in the most recent big profit jumps (delta or change in profitability):

+05.9 Shell/Royal Dutch
+05.3 Novartis
+05.1 ArcelorMittal
+05.0 Microsoft
+04.8 Nokia
-36.8 GM (deficit to deficit)
-30.6 Nextel (profit to deficit)
-17.9 Citi
-15.3 Merrill Lynch (profit to deficit)
-13.4 UBS (profit to deficit)

Rakan Cop wants iPhone

Somebody wants iPhone too much. The chief inspector went, “What kind of phone is this?”

Rakan Cop iphone representation


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