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Wasa at Gombak

We were in Gombak for Wasa grand tahlil.

Adik checking out the Masjid.

My brothers, sister and I were a bit late but very much part of the event anyway.

The place couldn’t accommodate that many people into one camera. My attempt at stitching them together.

After that we made trips to IKEA and MAEPS. KakLong, Muzani & Niza joined up afterwards.


Pikom fair at KL Convention Center

CB, Ashbi, and I went to Pikom’s PC Fair in the afternoon. It was very crowded but we slipped into the streams of people anyway.

The worst salesman went to the Phillips corner. We hesitated about the Blu-ray player since we were wondering about the price of a Blu-ray disc when he said this out loud: “That’s fine if you don’t wanna buy. Go there and look at TVs” in broken Bahasa.

The best salesman went to a guy at the Samsung’s TV booth. He was so open to negotiation and very convincing in offering me the best deal. I almost considered a 40-inch LED TV at MYR5,299 (RRP: MYR8,999). Of course I didn’t make the purchase because there’s no immediate need for it and I don’t actually have much money.

I’m not kidding. Here’s a snapshot from Senheng’s:

Samsung’s SAM-UA40B7000: the 7-series looked way better than the 5-series. Oh, I’m not talking BMW’s.

Simple Sunday

My wife & I spent some time at PKNS on Section 8 Bandar Baru Bangi. First we had lunch and then shopped at the Billion. Billion’s payment system was ridiculous. You can only pay your stuff at the floor you get them – other floors would reject such items. They’d still write on the pricing piece of paper instead of investing on a barcode system.

After warranty stamping at the place we shopped for furniture the other day, we headed towards Bintang to pick up some daily needs.

Went to mom’s again, ayoh had returned from Sabah.

February vacation begins

Vacation starts! Earlier today I was over at Jalan TAR with Intan. It’s been a while since the last time I was there. She was there recently for curtains and so on. We shopped for several things that we need in the interim and items for the new place.

After that, we visited Pakcik Omar and Auntie Nor at Keramat AU2. Their eldest is getting married this weekend but we couldn’t make it. So we dropped by ahead of time. KakLong and mom were there too. It looked like it was going to be a grand event. Eldest child… of course. The theme was going to be purplish pink. Maybe pinkish purple. I’m not sure… I’m color blind.

If I’m taking pictures through these glasses, it’s not exactly DSLR anymore. Hahah.

KNgah’s engagement day preparation

Preparation day! Ibu and I went to grab some chilis at Tesco and jackfruits at Wak Urip’s in Tanjung Karang. Makcik Jah and her daughters helped us with fresh flower search to no avail (plenty of shops closed) and returned back to KS with us.

Door gifts under way.

Cleaning up the front porch.

Ingredients… ready!

My wife is very meticulous so she can decorate well 🙂

The tale of two sisters: Amal and Iman.

Aiya, we thought we were about to run out of gas. I searched about without much success too.

Real estate search and real traffic jam

I invited mom and dad to see the real estate option. Intan & I ended up verifying its authenticity at the district office. Lo and behold, it is indeed a piece of land that our descendants can hold forever. Great outcome!

I think I want to write how to verify land ownership status. I went through a great deal of details in learning the nomenclature.

We traveled back to KS afterwards. The road was horribly jam packed, we had to stop by Sungai Buloh’s restoran jejantas (passover restaurant). There was also a 45-minute crawl at the Kuala Selangor road where a market had been setup, blocking the main road to just one lane in each direction, beside a huge temple. We started at 7 and reached KS by 11.

This was my second attempt at taking long exposure, small aperture photo. Quite decent since I wasn’t using any tripod whatsoever. I was holding the camera with bare hands, keeping the view from the passover to the road steady for a few seconds.

Removed the road lamps for a slightly more dramatic result. Maybe not dramatic at all actually.

Dating in Alamanda

Wife & I spent some time in Alamanda. We were in Parkson for a while, had Tepanyaki lunch, watched Avatar, and tried the Rasamas chain from KFC holdings.

Not bad. The meal for 2 was like Nasi Ayam but served differently. The roasted chickens were nice. Too bad we forgot to snap a picture of the dish.

And by the way, Avatar was good. Excellent movie, I think. I rate it 7 or 8 out of 10. Amazing depiction of indigenous 12-foot blue peoples of the Na’vis.

The other blue clans are celebrating.

Pavilion lunch

My wife was around with me at the office in the morning. We had lunch at Pavilion before I dropped her at Jusco to catch anything interesting on year-end sales.

I think Pavilion is a decent place for lunch or dinner. Wife thinks the same and not just because there are ducks available. Hehe. We have not explored other floors yet but we plan to do so in the future.

Kuala Selangor visit

After sending dad to Cheras for a carpool with Dr Abdullah back to Terengganu, wife & I traveled to Kuala Selangor. The traffic was more congested than usual. Perhaps there are plenty of receptions and events during school holiday.

After Asr, we shopped at Tesco for a while. Couldn’t find pastry though.

Fancy cookies. I’ve never seen Mr Men Little Miss before.

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