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SIL Assessment Progress was in Question

Departed early. Had breakfast with Najib & Syed. As soon as I came back, heard this ruckus on the SIL progress and all. Of course it looks slow now until we actually conduct the workshop.

-Cleared some OIM backlog
-Revamped the SIL presentation.
-Signed up for SHE week activities.
-Called up MSOG about the portable Ultrasonic clamp-on meter

Returned home. Intan was fasting. We had Sup Urat Keting for dinner.


First Engagement Session

I was wearing new pants & socks! It felt nice. Hehe.

Went upstairs to start the PC, cleaned up some e-mails before I came back down to get breakfast. Najib had gone to Songkhla so I asked him to buy me a shirt.

Had an engagement session with my boss. I was quite enlightened with the prospects. Also learned some of the lingering issues. Immediately inherited a communication issue and a venturi meter over-ranged issue.

Had lunch with Syed & Hanaa at Level 2 Signatures. Saw my former Operations Manager at Otak-otak counter by himself.

Rescheduled the SIL (Safety Integrity Levels) review to May 4th.

Second Day on Duty

Second day at work. Grappling in the dark a little bit after the first few meetings. First SIL (safety integrity levels) and then some Exaquantum (Yokogawa) stuff. Interesting.

Yokogawa is Japanese-based automation company.

Towards day end, I followed my boss to check out the fitness center facilities (TTFC) at the base of Suria. It was awesome. The company sponsored 15 employees to use the facilities at any one time.

Returning from work, I joined Alya & Adik at Alamanda. She was shopping for some coleslaw experiment and stuff and we had a quick KFC dinner afterwards. Returned to Sg. Merab since Intan was on-call.

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