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I’m Ending My Competitive Sport Era

I joined a 7-a-side tournament in an attempt to revive my passion in football. One poor guy broke a leg. I sprained mine. So time to move on. I can’t play competitive sport anymore.

Time to think about leisurely games, something less competitive. Bowling? Golf? Hm… Wii? Hehe.

Visited CB with everyone except KNgah (at Meru) & Intan (at work). Quick meeting at night. Motion: how do we handle Tuesdays when Alya has labs exercises?


Nike Mercurial for fitness restoration

I just purchased a pair of Mercurial boots to initiate my fitness restoration. In fact, it’s a 10-year-long dream that I finally fulfilled.

When I was about 16 or 17… I dreamt of getting a R9 boots to play football. I was never inducted into any football teams but I simply love the game that I play it anyway. But I didn’t have enough means then to grab a pair.

R9 shoes reminded me of the passion in high school.

It’s just wonderful to do what you love, even if you don’t gain any fame or fortune out of it. : -)

On a side note, I wish it wasn’t Nike (because of the price tag and a few other reasons), but my feet are simply too wide for other brands. Adidas is normally for longer feet. Puma, Reebok and the likes are not as comfortable. In the end, I have to buy a clothe that fits.

Bowling at Endah Parade

I was bowling at Endah Parade under the company’s recreation club. It felt weird. I have not bowled in a while. But it’s a good thing Intan was there accompanying. It definitely wasn’t my best performance, but it was such a wonderful time to have a company. 🙂

I know… I know. Don’t have to say it. :p

I couldn’t believe I looked exactly like how a Japanese manga would picture a bowler. I looked like an Onizuka right there, especially in the first picture.

I just couldn’t quite pull off 6 games. Maybe 4 or 5 tops. Lessons learned: the more games you have to play the lighter the ball you use. Drop from 13 to 12 or something.

Malaysia lost to China in Thomas Cup semi-final

That’s right. Malaysia lost terribly to China in 2010 Thomas Cup semi-final hosted in home soil. People on the platform followed the Thomas Cup more than I had expected.


Good luck next time. In other country’s soil.

Frankly speaking, I don’t know why we picked yellow. 1992 Thomas Cup’s white jersey was better.

Futsal without much youth

Somehow, I crushed a cockroach under my left foot. I didn’t know it’s been sleeping in my shoes until 7am! The mushy stuff stuck to my sock. Euh.

Finally it was time to play futsal again. I felt rejuvenated. It’s good to shower sweat.

But I could feel my youth slipping away… I couldn’t accelerate much. I couldn’t do any quick dummy moves. I splitted my right thigh while reaching out for a ball and endured right-side groin pain. Ouch! My body struggled.

I really need to gain fitness again. My heart felt strong though. If the game solely depended on my heart, I felt like I could run all day.

Aquatic saturday

We enjoyed water or shall I say aquatic activities in the morning. I brought my D60 but forgot the battery. Ugh!

The place was a natural spring water reservoir with several artificial pools. Unfortunately, the uneven cement could cause some harm. Sharp edges scratched my knee and fingers. The adult pool was about 9 feet deep. I could only manage to swim across 3 to 4 times, which completely drained my stamina. Can’t swim much without endurance & stamina. Forget strength.

Later in the evening, Intan & I were in PokJo’s place for dinner. Abglong, Kaklong, Syamrin, and Supi were there too. begins

Today was my first day of following the‘s guide. I have so far exceeded my ideal weight by 4 kilos. My first target is to cut back 2 in the next few weeks – slower and steady progress normally gives the longer lasting effects. Hehe. (Excuse for not working too hard on this). My wife is just the right diet commando for this. But it’s quite exhausting to count all of the calories actually. I wish that’s done automatically, like sticking iPhone‘s sensor to my stomach and let it calculates and syncs to iCalories that automatically download free songs from iTunes if I meet my calorie target, for instance.

At noon, I was at the company’s gym. While jogging on the treadmill, one of the senior advisors who regularly works out noticed me and my wife’s presence at the office and joked, “Zidni, you’re recovering. Don’t go too hard, what if you collapse... “. I joked back,”That’s OK. I have the right doctor just outside the gym who will definitely help me in such situation. Heheh.” The advisor then chuckled in acknowledgement.

Much later in the day, Sue hitched our ride to Albi’s place in Putrajaya. Precinct number 8 is huge! The houses there are enormous too. Plenty of wealth. And that’s only Precinct number 8. I haven’t seen the other precincts and enclaves yet…

Tiger in distress II

At least the Golf Writers Association of America and Associated Press are professional and objective:

L: Associated Press Athlete of the Decade – Tiger Woods. Read more.
R: Golf Writers Association of America 2009 Player of the Year – Tiger Woods, Jiyai Shin & Loren Roberts. Read more.

Credit: PGATour, Gettyimages

Tiger Woods in distress

Tiger, tiger, tiger. Will golf ever be the same.

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