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Bed beam broke

At about 4am July 31 (yesterday morning), Intan & I awoke from sleep to a loud snap. She headed to the bathroom while I inspected the room. Something’s gone awry. I couldn’t find anything unusual so I sat on the side of the bed again. Instantly, I descended approximately a feet lower and therefore discovered what the loud snap was about.

This portion is exactly in the mid section of the beam.

The wooden pieces were layered in the following manner. It’s easy to see the constant downforce and the heavy coconut fiber mattress would bend the beam over time.

Physics teacher can use this material for teaching.

Slapped a solid piece of wood at the side of it and drilled in two huge and long screws. Looks not important at this point. We can cover it with bedsheets.

Fixed. Thanks to Muzani & CB.

Lesson: Don’t buy layered pieces furniture. Perform this inspection prior to your purchase. Get the solid woods.


Key wallet trial

I am trying out the key “wallet”. Looks cleaner. But it takes more space in the pocket.

Short Notes for July 23

I was too casual. People went, “do you work today?” Helping out with some investigations offshore. Sequence of events.

Sultan Mizan was at Masjid As-Syakirin for friday prayer. I left office and brought back Sate for dinner. Delivered some to my wife.

Sugar Temporary Deficit

Who actually manages our sugar supply? The government? The suppliers (Robert Kwok and co.)?

From the law of supply and demand, a temporary shortage is caused either by an increase in demand or a decrease in supply.

Demand is pretty much stiff. There shouldn’t be much changes to that. It’s not like suddenly Malaysians are healthily conscious of diabetic lifestyle and subsequently abandoning sugar. So there’s something with the supplied quantity, subsidy, and the price ceiling that we don’t know much about.

I’m Ending My Competitive Sport Era

I joined a 7-a-side tournament in an attempt to revive my passion in football. One poor guy broke a leg. I sprained mine. So time to move on. I can’t play competitive sport anymore.

Time to think about leisurely games, something less competitive. Bowling? Golf? Hm… Wii? Hehe.

Visited CB with everyone except KNgah (at Meru) & Intan (at work). Quick meeting at night. Motion: how do we handle Tuesdays when Alya has labs exercises?

Kancil major service and new glasses

Kancil underwent a major service. After a trip to Jusco at Equine Park, Intan & I dropped by mom’s for a while.

Shortly after, we went at Bintang to get some groceries and Intan ordered a new pair of glasses. Good lookin’! Hehe…


We returned much later to pick up the glasses.

Bowling at Endah Parade

I was bowling at Endah Parade under the company’s recreation club. It felt weird. I have not bowled in a while. But it’s a good thing Intan was there accompanying. It definitely wasn’t my best performance, but it was such a wonderful time to have a company. 🙂

I know… I know. Don’t have to say it. :p

I couldn’t believe I looked exactly like how a Japanese manga would picture a bowler. I looked like an Onizuka right there, especially in the first picture.

I just couldn’t quite pull off 6 games. Maybe 4 or 5 tops. Lessons learned: the more games you have to play the lighter the ball you use. Drop from 13 to 12 or something.

Putrajaya Precinct 2 market

I dropped by the hospital to pick up my wife before we went to the nearby marketplace in Precinct 2. Apparently many colleagues from the likes of doctors and nurses had ordered food and drinks to go. After enjoying some kuey teow and teh tarik, we returned to the hospital with our hands full.

What happened to the Putrajaya Waterfront development? Just a concept?

After that, we went straight to mom’s. Spent the night there.

Technical Writing 4


= bad writing.

Why can proverbs be passed on through generations?

Consider this:

A plethora of culinary specialists vitiate the liquid in which a variety of nutritional substances have been simmered.

What is that in layman terms?

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