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Began Pondering Edmonton, Canada

Found the hardcopy career-progression tracking. Yey! That’s one of documents recovered after losing the thumb drive. Awesome.

The two other senior engineers were out so the boss & I backfilled the void for the day. We mostly talked about some Edmonton stuff when the senior process safety engineer, Shukra, introduced a newly joining process safety engineer. Process safety is a big thing at this company. That’s good.

Nice impression of Edmonton, Canada. Hope it’s as beautiful as in the picture.

I had lunch with Syed/Ikram/Najib at Wisma Sentral. Much later, ordered pizza for dinner. It had rained.

Oh, is it Teacher’s Day today? Well, nobody likes engineers. No Engineer’s Day.


Melbourne Sungai Merab teleconference

Dad departed early in the morning to take his CheGu around Terengganu to see the schools that his CheGu had initiated as State Education Director back in the days. It’s like he’s bringing the only dad he has now for a tour. Other than that, the Nasi Ayam lunch was pretty special.  “Kenny Rogers” dinner was awesome too…

Later in the evening, I set up a teleconference between my wife and our little nieces and nephew. She had missed them so much.



A Teacher for Life

Chegu Mohd Ghazali Mohd Hanafiah was dad’s teacher, specifically a headmaster of SAS (Sekolah Alam Shah, Kuala Lumpur) back in the late 1960’s. Judging from the way my dad keeping in touch with him – he still is, my dad’s teacher.


A glimpse of Chegu Ghazali attending my wife & I’s reception.


On Saturday, mom, adik and I followed dad to visit the teacher of his. Dad was showing the traces of schools and dorms that Chegu Ghazali had initiated in the 70’s. He had visited those schools a few weeks back and took plenty of photos.

Chegu Ghazali seemed very healthy for a 70-plus year old. You have to speak a little louder for him to hear you but in overall, he could remarkably recall previous encounters. He kept asking about me, the wedding he attended, how’s my wife doing and so on, and continued on giving lessons on life. I enjoyed listening to him.

Dad’s teacher is my teacher too. Thank you, Chegu Ghazali.

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