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My PIKOM PC Fair Comments

Early in the morning, I sent my wife to work. Then roamed the PC fair for a bit with Ashbi.

Huge crowd! Here’s my list of so-called “tweets” during the event:

Intel Booth
– covering PC fair… this netbook is not better at anything at all… rm1299? yuck:…
– the touch-screen all-in-one iMac wannabe is helpless…

Anti-virus Booth
– kaspersky 2011 for Mac for RM150? money flushing down the toilet…

Visual Tech Booths
– 40″ edge LED Phillips for rm3,999. evrybody is showing transformers…
– panasonic… sold out. promoter not helping, can’t tell between LCD and LED TV. bad labelling

Macs & Lenovo Booths
– epicentre… too expensive (help! Apple store!)
– lenovo, 12.1″ core i5 for rm5,399? too small of screen. I can get 15″ mbp at that price…

Storage Booths
– freeagent 1.0TB seagate for rm259? interesting… that’s a lot cheaper than when I bought it last year…
‎- 8GB thumbdrive still at about 40 plus. last time rm49, now rm45. 8GB SDHC card for rm49? grab one. normally 60plus… now I can operate my digital camcorder

Sound System Booths
– 1Avira, 1malaysia 1antivirus solution. free movie passes with it. oh. marketing
– sonicgear, altec lansing, edifier, e-view, eacan, divoom. only altec lansing is worthy. but of course it doesn’t beat Bose.

PC Booths
– vaio is over-rated. rm5,999 for 13.1″ unit. again, mbp is the way forward: boots both mac os x and windows, best of both worlds.
– htc… aria, smart, legend, desire, dual, tattoo. which one? quietly confusing, not brilliant.
– asus i5 at rm3,899? that’s the better deal. shame on hp
– toshiba qosmio i7, rm4999. harman kardon speakers. nice, but it runs windows. and it’s super thick.
– dell, uh, wow. I’m not gonna even start to compare. not worth it.
– acer has a better deal, corei7, rm4,699. dolby speakers. 15.4″. but it only runs windows. oops.
– fujitsu is waay too expensive. core i7 laptop starts at rm6,c (Rm6,988. It was too expensive, I accidentally hit sent before I finish typing)

Bottom Floor Booths
– sandisk selling 8GB SDHC at rm55. so my purchase was justified.
– msi core i7 at rm6,599. all these pc-manufacturers are making apple inc look competitive. heheh.
– Western digital element is competing, 1TB at rm249. and samsung G3 at rm245.
– Nikon’s D90 for rm3,339? nice deal! save rm700…
– blackberry bold 9700 digi for rm1,199. rm200 better than the last deal they offered…
– foot soldiers in colors! yellow digi, green maxis, purple P1, orange TM. and celcom in blue.
– no Samsung, LG monitors participation. oh no. not even TV.


The Game in Your Life

Watch video here

If you watch this Jesse Schell‘s DICE presentation, who is a professor at Carnegie-Mellon University and an ex-Disney imagineer, it seems to me that his version of future is a bit way over his head, in my opinion. His imagination immediately intrudes into privacy. If you haven’t seen the video, it’s about the impact of games on our lives from the examples of Facebook , Guitar Hero, Farmville and all, and what the future would be like with sensors everywhere and our lives are all about scoring points as you brush your teeth, walk to school, and so on.

I have to give credit to his point about the academic grading philosophy is somewhat terrible (you know, the A, B, C, F, etc.) and when a teacher from a real example had replaced the scoring system with experience points (EP) and students could improve their ranks or levels at school based on those points, suddenly attendance and performance improved significantly.

But honestly, I don’t want to play a game in which brushing my teeth gives me points?! Or having sensors all over my movements. The reason why people play game is to project or extend a certain part of themselves into the game while escaping from reality for a while. But not take the whole game into your lives. That’s ridiculous. In the former, the creative process happens even without you noticing. In the latter, the creative process is taken away. No fun. People want to play a little in their lives but not gamble with them.

Ever wonder why in most cases reading a book is better than watching the movie version of the book? For the exact same reason – the former involves more creative process inside your brain. By reading the words, your mind starts to picture what it would look like and sound like in the actual conditions. That’s fulfilling. Unlike the movie that has done most of the creative process for you.

A special note at 17:16: he mentioned that technology normally diverges and only converges when it fits inside your pocket with the example of iPhone and Swiss-army knife. But everyone hates iPad because it’s ridiculously big and it is stupid to have a convergence that doesn’t fit inside your pocket? Well, it reached 1millions units sold faster than even iPhone.

Take that.

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