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Mines Traffic Jam due to Horse Racing

Occasionally, after office hours, the traffic becomes really congested right before the Mines toll. I stopped for prayer and a quick dinner since I missed my lunch earlier. But the congestion still didn’t go away.

Finally I stormed in anyway and discovered that the lining up was due to traffic queueing left to get into Mines horce racing arena.

Wuh, what waste of time.


Sg. Merab cross junction


Backed up 600 meters.

During peak hours this “main road” between Putrajaya and Bangi via Sg. Merab cross junction is driving everybody crazy! This holds back about 10 to 15 minutes worth of precious time from family.


The traffic lights are dumb fixed-period counters! Somebody builds a cross-over or a bypass right now. Or at least sensors for different operating periods.


Gas hub suffered loss of production from one of the satellites. Stuck at the office troubleshooting. Fortunately I was fasting.

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