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Jalan Banting Klang adjoining Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad

Attended an ‘Aqiqah, Nazim‘s second son. Quick trip to Carrefour after that and then sent CB to Banting. We were a bit late on the way back! Traffic jam at the stupid junction road (that you had to queue and wait at traffic light to go straight!). And to make it worse, plenty of cars from the left cutting queues.

We noticed a bending sideway and downward papaya after the ‘aqiqah. Amazing.

I was more annoyed by the people cutting queues than the road itself.


Kancil shaft, MAS offer ticket, and ‘Aqiqah

Replaced Kancil tires, hub and the shaft to the gearbox. The left one was quite damaged, awaiting time to part. I’m just relieved it didn’t snap before this.

Muzani sent dad to KLIA. There was a big ruckus about the MAS ticket issue. Apparently, for offer tickets, MAS would automatically forfeit the returning flight although you’ve only missed the first flight. The returning flight is not even happening yet.

Easy money…

We attended a tahlil which was also Alimah’s ‘Aqiqah.

Key wallet trial

I am trying out the key “wallet”. Looks cleaner. But it takes more space in the pocket.

Burger King Unable to Deliver

Sent Ayoh to Gombak. Cut thru MRR1, Jln Pahang, then DUKE to MRR2. It was a rendezvous location with his colleagues to travel back to Terengganu.

BK is officially out of my dictionary. The dude forgot 1 medium coke. And then 1 grilled chicken. He didn’t believe us showing the receipt so he followed us over to the table. So he assumed that we’re such liars?! And the same person later denied refilling. Without showing any guilt or remorse.

Short Notes for July 12

Couldn’t find the most recent DV tapes (Penang, Kijal). Fetched dad from airport.

Exhausted. Restlessness (from the dust, hay fever, couldn’t stop sneezing).

Short Notes for June 13

Returned to Sg Merab. Simple feast while KLong & KNgah visited Shuhada our second cousin’s daughter. This turned out to be my last time greeting mok. Obviously I didn’t know that at the time.

Short Notes for June 12

Spent night at Kuala Selangor. Just found out that dad, mom & co. traveled back earlier than anticipated.

Marang stop before heading home

On the way back, we stopped by a restaurant with the name I don’t remember but it was very close to Farhana & Ustaz Khalil‘s. The weather was a bit gloomy but we enjoyed the eastern coast air on a late Sunday afternoon nonetheless.

They had this “nira” (how should I describe this in English, like coconut juice? Nectar of coconut flowers…) with ice-cream. Awesome!

And then we ordered squids with plenty of coconut milks. Milky! Got some pulut rolled inside too.

Alimah was enjoying herself…

Ummi Cik was enjoying her break too… in the breezy wind before the rain…

It started to rain and the other 2 cars followed me into the road of Mukhtafi-billah Shah-Jabor until we reached LPT and then home.

Time passed by very quickly. Again.

Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor visit

We visited CB in Kathong, Jugra, Banting. He seemed to be doing very well.

Muzani wanted to drive on the way back so bad so we let him. If he fits in the driver’s seat. Lol.

I spent the night at mom’s for the anticipation of traveling to Terengganu in a convoy tomorrow.

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