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Tying the Knot (Reception)

The next day was the reception. My wife was busy last night perfecting the top part of the “raised-platform” (pelamin) with her flowers. I hoped that the crowd would be wowed otherwise all of the efforts benefited her only in terms of some healthy workout. Hehe.

Modifying mostly the top parts. If being a doctor proved to be too much, I don’t mind if she starts decorating… hehe.

Immediate Guestbook signing. See the speaker on the top right? Yeah, I setup that. But only the setup. The songs came from the Sari Intans Gamelan collection in mild volume.

Guests started to pour in. All uncles and aunts became the ushers.

Groom had arrived. I was suddenly volunteered to be the best man. You could guess from the look on my face (err, when did I sign up for this?) But it’s OK. I braved the situation and went for it.

Ah, look at the King & Queen of the day – perfect match.

As you can see, the best man looked almost as good as the groom. Almost. You cannot beat the King of the day no matter what.

Picture from another angle. Great work by Tuan Hafiz Omar.

Wonderful wedding! Happy couple.

A meal together. Grand dishes.

Gorgeous cakes.

Getting married again! Ahaha.

A family shot.

Many families came, near and far, including mine.

Good to be here!

Reminiscing our moments then.

Families and relatives… everybody.

Kids on stage…

And towards the end, the ladies re-lived the paddy fields era… hehe

Anyway, it was a great event. I didn’t have enough time to perfect this entry. There shall be a fine-tuning some time soon.


Wedding ceremony at Matrade centre

This would most likely be the last walimah that Intan & I could attend together. After this, she’d be super occupied with work. Somehow I didn’t do a very good job at blending at all. Like introducing and whatnot. I thought I could just roll along. But I was wrong.

It was held at the Matrade centre. The hall was nicely decorated for the event.

Bride & groom marching in.

The food was great. After it was over, everybody just went on free style, approached other tables, took pictures, and so on.

Thank you, host & hostess!

Version A

Anyway, congrats! The event went extremely well in my opinion. Everybody enjoyed the time, the food, the air, the ambience. Friends casually caught up with each other. I briefly conveyed my dad’s regards to the host, who was dad’s junior in high school. Apparently a lot of ex-SASsian expected to meet up my dad who was the highly respected head boy in 1970. I also had the chance to reconnect with friends who had been busy in the subsurface world.

Version B

But for me, I felt welcomed and uninvited both at the same time. Subsurface friends asked about other surface friends. As if me being there was not good enough. The host asked about my dad, who was the actual invitee. Another friend was curious whether I was close to the bride that somehow I got invited. As if I didn’t actually deserve to be invited. And apparently I couldn’t remember when I bought my D60. I actually remember that clearly but it seemed as if I didn’t.

True enough. I’m so not cut out for social events.

Returning home, we stopped by Mydin & Bintang for groceries.

So, which version do you prefer? A or B?

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