We tried out the nearby Tesco. The setup was downright chaotic, a result of awkward or stupid design.

Then it was time for the actual Kenduri itself. The arrangement was old school. There were many huts and tents for everybody to contribute.


Firewood cooking.


The highlight of the day was the candy shower. Most of the crowd waited for it and left as soon as it was over. *Krrrr* *Krrrr*


Ladies. From left: my beautiful wife, Ibu, her friend, K.Ngah.


I was the cameraman so luckily there was one snap of me. Haha. As if I had received an award.

After that, we visited Mama and Angah afterwards. The new baby Amal seemed healthy.

Needless to say, wife & I also stopped by Mydin. I was mad at every single time-waster… like a shopping person that stopped in the middle of the main aisle, blocking the way. That’s super annoying. Push in first then decide what to buy. Don’t hang out in the middle of the walk way while you’re at it la!