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Cool Engineering Stuff

My work is indeed kinda cool.


Solar-powered transmitter.

We don’t exactly employ this on the platform yet but knowing such possibility is indeed awesome.

I am a technology buff. Hope one day I make it to technology management & engineering management.

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, he immediately recognized the possibility of reviving the struggling company: great engineers and engineering results around, but lousy engineering management.

Spot on.


Reporting for Duty: Refreshing an Engineering Career

Departed after Subuh. Drove to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) right away and missed the formerly STAR-LRT train by a hair. So I took the next one. It was a fairly smooth ride still. Ran into former colleagues on the way to my new office and exchanged some news. Parted ways in the middle Suria because I was headed for Tower 2 instead. Heheh.

It was still early. I arrived at 68th floor and texted the senior recruitment executive who recruited me. No answer. Must’ve been busy. Three other executives joined me up in reporting for duty. An HR executive welcomed us. She snapped our picture (for company ID and announcement picture purposes) and then showed us around. My new engineering manager saw me and brought me to Aziz, my immediate superior. He introduced me around and ensured I got what I needed to get started.

I got almost everything on the first day, door access, e-mail, new company ID card, everything but the Tower 2 access card. Had a quick lunch with Najib. My neighbors are Amin & Azrin, the electrical engineers. Returned home. Best first day at work ever. Not that I get many first days at work though.

A new journey begins.

Protected: My First Market-Testing Interview Follow-up

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Protected: My First Market-Testing Interview

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Memories at Fabrication Yard

I was going through some pictures in the past… and somehow stopped at this one for a while.

This was taken back in 2005 when we still had some time go out there and learn. Interesting stuff. There’s no better learning process than seeing things in action in front of your eyes. Better than sitting in office reviewing drawings.

Anyway, I am interested to summarize the current status of those in the picture (not including myself):
1 Engineering Coordinator
2 Gas Planner
3 Corrosion Supervisor
4 Project Engineer
5 Electrical Engineer
6 Admin

First of Ramadhan

I was at SGS, Lukut, PD, a proving site. The journey was smooth. The finding wasn’t that surprising. But the rush back was tough. Led the first tarawikh… Ramadhan begins…

New Mac Mini Unpacking and Setup

The first family Mac.

Yeap, that’s the whole computer.

Neatly packaged.

Smooth to the touch. Matrix composite. Orange juice. (Watch this College Humor video.)

Well designed all the way to the bottom (PCs are normally ugly at the places you don’t see very often).

Many great benefits to come. Hopefully.

Thank you all for the contribution!

Proton: Focus the name of the game

I came across this on a newspaper somewhere. It talks about Proton‘s past, present, and the future and the importance of selling the cars outside Malaysia. But in my opinion, for Proton to be more successful, they must be able to focus on just a few cars and succeed at the home ground first. It seems like they’re expanding the product lines as shown in the red arrow. But they need to focus on fewer models as shown in the green arrow.

By the way, did you know that Proton cars are higher in specs, safer, and cheaper when sold overseas (esp. UK, Australia)? It does seem like Proton is lax in local competition.

My previous post with regards to branding.

Short Notes for July 23

I was too casual. People went, “do you work today?” Helping out with some investigations offshore. Sequence of events.

Sultan Mizan was at Masjid As-Syakirin for friday prayer. I left office and brought back Sate for dinner. Delivered some to my wife.

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